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 Long or short RSS2003-02-23 23:59
by Flemming Funch

(For the uninitiated, RSS is the format used to create syndicated "feeds" from weblogs, which can be picked up by "aggregator" programs.) Joi Ito asked his readers about opinions on whether it is nice to include full text in one's RSS feeds or not. I had been thinking about the same. Some feeds have only a one line summary, others have full, long articles. I've been a bit uncertain on how to configure my own program here, to make most people happy. Seems like the answer Joi got was to make several feeds, so people can get what they want.

One remaining question I would have is what to do about pictures. Most of my posts have pictures, but I leave those out of the RSS feed, because I figure some people would feel they don't belong in the news feed itself. Some people post lots of huge pictures in their feed. Hm, I suppose the answer is the same: to have multiple feeds with different options.

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