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Where is Iraq?

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 Where is Iraq?2003-03-05 14:10
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According to the National Geographic Roper Geographic Survey, 87% of Americans can't find the country of Iraq on a map. That was a bit disturbing, since many of those support going to war against Iraq. Anyway, go find Iraq on a map, so you don't have to be part of those 87%. Americans ranked second to last in the international survey. 11% of the people surveyed couldn't even find their own country on a map.

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5 Mar 2003 @ 17:06 by sharie : Turkey and Kuwait
It's gotta be south of Turkey (east of the mediterranean) and North of Kuwait (arabian peninsula). Unfortunately, a huge chunk of americans can't read maps - or the globe - because they drop out of high school to join the army, the marines, and the navy. (Air Force pilots are typically more educated.)

It's not really their fault though. They grow up in public housing projects that are war zones, preparing them for their military careers.  

6 Mar 2003 @ 06:30 by neolux : i'm glad i don't live in your america
Sharie. Anybody i know that dropped out of high school, didn't do it to join the military.You see, the military doesn't take high school drop outs any more.
All of the public housing projects in this city are run quite well, and most violence that we read about can be traced back to alcohol use, not public housing. The failure to be able to read maps, and to read anything, i think,is more the responsibility of teacher unions that are more concerned with teacher job security and re-electing democrats who will send more money their way, then with actually getting the children educated . Yes, it's not your america that i live in, thats for sure, but i am sure that anyone from another country who reads your comment will sieze upon it as truth. Keep feeding the hate. Eventually your truth may become a reality.  

7 Mar 2003 @ 15:05 by sharie : Feeding Kindness
High school kids drop out for different reasons, they often take the GED and then join the military.

Fifty percent of students in Chicago's public school district drop out before graduation. Where do you think they go? Do you think they have promissing careers ahead of them? 80% of Chicago public school students live below poverty level. Those are the statistics from a few years. I live in a small town. My 17-year old neighbor dropped out of school recently, is studying for the GED, and looking into joining the military.

I worked in public housing in two cities. I'm trying to save people from becoming murderers, and you call that hateful?

I want us to start treating all children like the valuable, worthwhile human beings they are, and then maybe murder will be unthinkable.

To be hateful is to want to destroy something. I'm working for peace and truth. It's just that a lot of dirtywork is getting uncovered, and I'm reporting it.  

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