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 Water purifier from Dean Kamen2003-03-05 23:59
by Flemming Funch

Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway scooter, and many other interesting things, introduced last Thursday a portable water purifier that he hopes will save millions of people around the world from shortages of fresh water. It is a 100 pound device which requires little maintenance and uses no chemicals or filters. It uses a specialized distillation and condensation process and produces 10 gallons of clean water an hour on 500 watts of electricity. The idea is that it goes hand in hand with a generator he's also developed, which uses a Stirling engine to produce electricity.

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6 Mar 2003 @ 06:54 by catana : UN report on water shortages
Considering recent warnings about decreasing supplies of potable, affordable water (and the UN report is just the latest), we might be looking forward to a time when such purifiers are a standard household item.  

7 Mar 2003 @ 02:23 by maxtobin : They could be a standard item but why?
We all have a right to pure water, but the current dilemma for humanity is that we have poisoned water and poisoned leaders and a greedy cartel in the form of the oil barons (refer to Mings article on the great pirates!!). We could all be healthy and enjoy a world of freedom and prosperity but the dominant agenda creates massive inferiority complex and leads to perceived need to dominate and control. So the natural environment suffers and we are all a part of this collective soup in the NOW so no escape. Clean and energized water is more important than merely clean water, in fact nicely distilled water that is chemically/physically clean is in fact dead water and needs to be given the life back. We have the technology and will be making it available and it looks like it will clean water that has been at least prefiltered through sand!! More to follow when we have the prototypes duplicated and ready for market.  

7 Mar 2003 @ 16:27 by sharie : Thanks maxtobin
Poisoned water, poisoned leaders, and the greedy cartel subverts everything good. And you're right about the life energy of water being squeezed out http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=%22alive+water%22  

1 Oct 2003 @ 09:28 by fooble @ : report
Mr. Dean Kamen,
I am doing a report and need some info on your childhood. if you can help, thank you.  

14 Nov 2003 @ 09:40 by Nancy Salamonsen @ : an amazing invention
I would like to know more about the water purifier made for third world countries. I am planning on going to Uganda as part of a mission trip in july and would live to be apart of introducing something there. Thank you much I am very curious and believe that pure water is the best prevention for disease. Thank you for your time, Nancy Salamonsen  

24 Nov 2003 @ 11:17 by Malcolm R. Ford @ : Water purification and storage
I read the article in Time and thought - we need Dean Kamen in Alaska. I previously worked with the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Cooperative Extension Service on a couple of projects involving use of traditional drinking water sources (e.g. snow/ice melt, roof catchments). Untreated water. Thousands of homes lack water and sewer, in many cases packing and storing water in rubbermaid trash cans. Families live with honeybucket toilets and dip water from an open barrel. Local chlorinated supplies are expensive and may taste appalling, hence the continued use of untreated water. Tests show that water to be contaminated with total coliform and fecal coliform. Parents use a fraction of the water we are accustomed to (as low as six gallons per person per day).

Things we take for granted like good dental care are severely comprimised. One dentist told me that his record was 32 cavities in 28 teeth (a child).

The cost of utilities are 3-4 times that in the city when average per capita income is little over $18,000 per year.

The Denali Commission, State and Federal agencies are beginning to talk about sustainability - isolated communities reached only by air and boat may soom find it impossible to get funding for capitol projects. These are the very villages where Tribal culture survives (e.g. Western Alaska - Yup'ik Eskimo is still taught in school).

This is not a sob story - it is reality showtime in Alaska. I have just began a 3-year project with UAF Water and Environmental Research Center where we hope to map pathogen transfer and begin to examine alternate ways of looking at utility provision, water, sewer etc. I have a photograph of honeybucket bags dumped less than 200 yards from the local school. It a mess and a blind spot because these places are so far of the road system.

We have neither the man power of the funding to do something significant here. In addition State and Federal agencies are committed to big fixes and million dollar systems that fail in the harsh physical and human environment of Alaska. Although I commend your wonderful efforts to think outside the box for much needed solutions to third world problems, can I invite you to think inside the box and help us focus some entrepeneurial energy in communities such as Eek, Tuntutuliak, Shishmaref - what wonderful names and peoples who keep such valuable cultures alive).

Enough said. I have video - we're completing a report I would love to show you. My dream would be that we could match up your tremendous power to rethink ideas with a foundation (my mind turns to the Gates Global program) and take this thing head on.

Crazy perhaps, but you have to ask.

14 Dec 2003 @ 00:35 by Emelita F. Pimentel @ : pure water
We would like to be know the cost of a small purifier to service our small municipality. This would make availbale potable water at a sustainable way.

Thank you.  

25 Dec 2003 @ 00:52 by Prashant Mahaveer Jain @ : Dean Kamen's water purifier
What a wonderful invention! Can any oone help me getting Kamen's contact details? Thank you  

any chance you could post the answers to these question...we would like to know if it is possible to use one of these inventions for a home water supply...our water is high in sulfur & very hard...it would be so nice to have white clothes and drinking water out of our own faucets...not to mention taking a shower in water that does NOT smell like the sewer!!!!!  

10 Jan 2004 @ 07:46 by ming : Water Purifier
I wish I could provide better information. I've searched around on the web, and I can't find any more official information about the water purifier. All references seem to be the few demonstrations that have done of it, but nothing about how and when it actually will be available. But this is Dean Kamen's company: {link:http://www.dekaresearch.com/|Deka Research}. It has contact information: E-mail: contact@dekaresearch.com, or snail mail to: DEKA Research & Development Corp., 340 Commercial Street, Manchester NH 03101. But the information on the site doesn't make it sound very fruitful to write to them. They don't even mention the water purifier there, and they say that the stuff they haven't yet announced is confidential.  

22 Jan 2004 @ 08:38 by Mike Bailey @ : stirling generator
Does anyone have info on the stirling generator that is suppose to work in tandem with the purifier ? While 500 watts in not a lot of power in the US, it can be a big deal in other countries.



1 Feb 2004 @ 13:01 by A Lim @ : DEAN KAMEN'S PORTABLE WATER PURIFIER
I should congratulate Mr Kamen for his outstanding power of observation and invention.

Yes Mike 500W is a great deal of power but the efficiency at 13W per Liter of pure water one cannot complain, comparing to current systems (not filter purification) much more power is required.

However $1000 is still alot of money for people to afford in under developed countries. I seen a photo of this machine and it is expensive because it fancy. I can imagine a simplier design using a pressurized system so as reduce specific heat, with clever valves, condensate through the filler tank to double as heat exchanger, special insulation etc may probably produce as much water per hour ( or alot more if size is not critical) but cost very little in comparison near zero maintenance, easy to use only need to fill the filler tank and empty, simple flush system, does not need to use electricity and would be more rugged due to mainly metal construction.

Perhaps someone, D Kamen? might want to provide some funds for R and D for this equipment? I have a sketch.

Best regards
A Lim  

6 May 2004 @ 12:39 by Ian McGuire @ : Garbage power
I herd the Kamen is going to power the water purifier with third world garbage. pretty cool!  

19 May 2004 @ 12:13 by Alexandra @ : ??
HIHIHIHIHIHIH I need you to tell me more  

7 Aug 2004 @ 08:17 by Mahabobul a bhuiyan @ : water refine machine
we r looking for water refine machine  

11 Aug 2004 @ 09:16 by Nick Brusatore @ : Urban Agriculture
Mr.Kaman, Our Company Terra Sphere has developed some Unbelievable Modular agriculture technology that can out produce traditional greenhouse methods by as much as 20 times,We feel that your water technology could enhance the food relief programs around the world, We are Based out of Boston and have a research facility in Vancouver Canada and would like very much to speak to you, I look forward to a potential business relationship with you.

Kind Regards
Nick Brusatore

14 Aug 2005 @ 09:47 by Bob Layer @ : Technalogical ideas
I wish to stay up on new ideas, do you mail monthly?  

31 Oct 2006 @ 04:51 by iksroks @ : Packaged Systems

24 Nov 2006 @ 04:07 by ocean @ : ICONOCLAST-2
I 'm intrested in purchasing and marketing your ideas. Please contact me. Thank you for making a difference.  

21 Aug 2007 @ 09:12 by nik @ : Clean Water for all!
We need to understand the real problem. There are less than 70 million people in the UK - all with clean water on demand. At the same time, there are over 2 BILLION people in the world without clean water or any local water at all! Not only do we need people to do something about it, we need a powerful political lobby. Readers, do not wait for someone else to take the first step. Get active - do something yourself. Write to your politician. Sponsor a well, support a charity --- do something.....TODAY (or you never will)  

22 Mar 2008 @ 04:15 by lance charles @ : water is life
this water purification technology will be a major component of the WholEarth Home. Double insulated totally solar/wind powered. "It's the Hyrid you can live in." Please visit wholearthbuilder.com  

22 Mar 2008 @ 12:03 by mperloe @ : Partner with Kiva.org
Partnering with KIVA.org to provide microloans for enterpreneurs in small villages around the world.  

26 Mar 2008 @ 04:15 by John @ : More info for the lazy

26 Mar 2008 @ 04:17 by John @ : Correction: More info...
Dean Kamen's research projects http://www.dekaresearch.com/
Segway product line http://www.segway.com/  

26 Mar 2008 @ 05:18 by chateauvia institute @ : Applying The Technology
How can we partner, and ready the technology for application in developing countries where the need is dire and greatest?  

26 Mar 2008 @ 07:14 by Ray @ : Marketing Water Water purifier from Dean
How to market water purifier to third world countries. Start with village banks. Use existing or establish new loan programs. India is a good example. Show how owner can make money. Economics revenues will eventually sell health benefits. You need to build peoples trust in product. Demographic research on local sellable beverages products made from local agricultural product may yield good results. The reason why products like “Beer and Mead” became popular was because people did not get sick when they drank it. They didn’t know all they had to do was boil water to make it healthier.

This product can be marketed in the US and Europe rather easily. It can replace many well and hard water residential filtration systems. It can be very economic resource in a disaster. Many fairs and festivals can use such a device to purify water/ice they sell to vendors/ exhibitors. Many Vendors go to the events bathroom and refill their 5 gallon jugs. Fair customers are unaware of this common practice. Fairs and Festivals are also a great venue to marketing the product. It can have Restaurants and Military applications.

RPL Marketing LLC.
What's a Box!  

27 Mar 2008 @ 14:24 by Mark S. Beckman @ : Stock options

What would be involved to invest in your product?

Please advise ASAP.
Mark S. Beckman  

30 Mar 2008 @ 00:07 by glenn gibson @ : Water Purifier
ok ok already. where is this product for sale? where is it being made, does anyone know any specifics? I see articles about it dating back to 1995.
austin, tx

30 Mar 2008 @ 00:17 by peace @ : The Water Purifier & Generator
Consider the church in America as a distribution channel. Together, they send thousands of missionaries all over the world, to the poorest of places. They have the skills to set it up, train the locals, and the church in the US is well funded. This type of product is greatly needed. Would love to help.

2 Apr 2008 @ 13:14 by Fred Howard @ : WATER, ORGANIC VEGETABLES, & RESCUE
Let's combine forces to rescue At Risk Kids, create clean water, grow organic vegetables, year round (feed the multitudes), create renewable Green Energy, and become Peace Ambassadors to the world. We are called Evergreen Farms Intl. and will soon have all the above in a Model Operation in Texas with a goal to plant an E-Farm wherever needed in the world to "Provide New Life for those who have nothing". Evergreen is where Mission & Enterprise meet on purpose.
Fred Howard, Founder CHOSENrescue & Evergreen Farms Intl.  

13 Apr 2008 @ 22:32 by Joe Bezotte @ : coupling inventions
Have you considered coupling this invention with the new development of igniting salt water with radio frequencies? If your invention could be used to replace or be implimented in water treatment facilities it could very well turn these locations into gas pumps. By filtering this water and combining it with salt you could very well solve the energy crisis. What do you think?  

10 May 2008 @ 17:58 by Deanna Johnson @ : Would like more info.
I am very interested in this system... Could you please email me to tell me how it can be purchased? Thank you.  

19 Jun 2008 @ 14:23 by Michael Hamm @ : water for all
I live in Michigan where water is plentiful at this time. Other states need water(and responsible water management....) and I have wondered why we are not developing technology now to purify and desalinate ocean water on a large scale as we are going to have LOTS of that in the years to come. Is Mr. Kamen's invention a harbinger of the possibility for this to become realized and provide water for resource strapped states? This country needs more forward thinking people.  

16 Jul 2008 @ 15:53 by Mary Charlene Heiselman @ : Water recycling purification system
Dear Mr. Kamen,
I am interested in developing a water recycling purification system for people in areas where water is either non- existant or hard to acquire.
I have been working on an idea to make this problem feasible.
In researching I found that you have both a water system similar to what I am looking for and an electric system that would solve both problems I have been working on.
I am very interested in confering with you and possibly you could help in directing me in the right direction to get funding and I can start a company to supply your products to vast companies and individuals who would greatly benefit from your genius.
I am a 60 years young physically handicapped woman who sees the potential of such systems needed throughout the globe and right here in the United States alone. People are not aware of the great need for these systems with the over population and the need for housing, and the all the vast unused land that could be utlized with these systems.
I look forward to hearing from you on this.
Keep up the excellent work you are doing and never stop brain storming.
(Mary) Charlene Heiselman

9 Dec 2008 @ 22:15 by Fred Howard @ : bio-fuels, food, & clean water
Evergreen Farms - Through advanced hydroponic farming techniques, bio-mass conversion, ethanol, and food production for the masses, we have solutions for many world populations re. food, water, fuel, and electricity. We will soon be able to containerize and ship this technology to any destination in the world. Our primary Mission is to rescue "At Risk Kids" while providing everything else as Sustainable life support for their people. Who's first; Ghana S. Africa, Pakistan, Ukraine, Haiti, Argentina, Mexico, etc.? Get on the Egf list for consideration (www.evergreenfarms.org). Fred at; fredsbeds@sbcglobal.net (Where Mission & Enterprise meet on purpose)  

30 Dec 2008 @ 16:33 by fritz @ : energy and water
i have natural gas comming out of the earth that i can contain. i would like to use this gas to create energy and clean water for my home in rural colorado.
what i am looking for is an individual or company with experience setting up a system to get my home off the grid. i believe i have enough gas to power a city block!!! so this should be easy for the right person or company.
if you have any ideas or links i can follow please email me.

peace to all  

30 Jan 2009 @ 18:26 by Carolyn @ : School
Hello i am doing a project on it and i would love it if i can interview you by email ....please respond  

17 Mar 2009 @ 23:08 by sean @ : off the grid
looking for sponsership in an off the grid building project in northern Ontario.
The objective being to build an earth shelter large enough for upto ten people. Having storage capability for food and water for upto a year. Alternative energy devices for power, heat and water recycling (the sling shot would be perfect). Enyone interested including Deka in having products feild tested through this project or becoming involved through sponsership feel free to email me. The project is slated to begin this summer, it's degree of sucess increases through partnership.  

29 Mar 2009 @ 19:02 by larry kasperek @ : home slingshot
Wife and I are building a island cottage in the st.lawrence. We are looking to use the river water as potable water and recycle greywater. Can't seem to find an update on your slingshot.....any insight or opportunity?  

29 Mar 2009 @ 23:51 by SOLAR for recovery of water from air @ : Possibile funding could be obtained
The ASIA NGO SUPPORT Foundation through the Asia Ngo Support Network does provide funding for research and development and for manufacturing of products that would help fight poverty, especially in providing safe drinking water to poor families and also for Charties to purchase solar lights that can be donated out by Agecnies and actually just for any products that can assist in making recovery of water using solar out of the air. There e-mail was ASIANGO2009@gmail.com.  

18 Apr 2009 @ 00:18 by Henry Mainar @ : Wate Purifier
Looking for Dean Kamen's website or contact.  

7 Nov 2009 @ 18:40 by Chuck Linden @ : Waterpurifier-"Slingshot"
Living here in Mexico, it is not uncommon to encounter many health problems.Working with StoveTec in Oregon we seem to aleviated some problems with cooking in a sustainable way for the folk in the sierra.The stoves are simple enough and affordable for the indigenous people plus reducing fuel consumption and limiting harmful gases emitted by the stoves,I am currently working on another dilema which you have had a unique approach to with your Slingshot Water purifier.Having checked various other sources the closest I have been able to come to solving this problem is by using a product produced by "Filter Pure" a static unit consisting of porous rock and the water trickles through providing maybe enough drinking water each day for one family.With your device I could see the viability of suppling an entire village´s needs for potable water.
If you could forward me information about the device, its specs and I have heard it has an elevated cost, but maybe working with the U.N. and WMF we could get this into the hands of people who really need it.

Thanks for your attention,

Chuck Linden  

12 Jan 2010 @ 21:06 by Munawar @ : Water Purifier
Mr.Kamen's efforts are highly appreciated. We ourselves are manufacturers and distributors of reverse osmosis water purifiers. In order to help those under previleged people who are do not have access to clean drinking water we can custom manufacture cheap but effective water purifiers costing about US$300/- if someone can fund this project. This would go a long way in helping the millions in Africa, Asia and people in other parts of the world. Our email id : mnrrbn@eim.ae. Tel : +97156 6481098.  

13 Jan 2010 @ 23:48 by Robert Holmes @ : Fresh Water for Haiti disaster
Possible 100,000 dead, buildings collapsed, and no fresh water. Dean Karem water purifying machines could provide fresh water to ward off the impending rising of disease and diaherra in this poverty sticken part of our hemisphere. Any chance the government funding the manufacture of Dean Karem's water pufiers for this diaster.  

28 Jan 2010 @ 11:48 by Rick Engelen @ : Dean Kamen Water Purifier
Does anybody know were to buy this water purifier?

Kind regards,


30 Jan 2010 @ 19:15 by Jose @ : Would like to purchase a sling shot
I am an India citizen, Hope that slingshot can do miracles in India. Would like to be a part of slingshot team in India. Please help. Ph: +91 9995890618  

25 Jun 2010 @ 07:25 by adam bronson @ : This is not the answer
At 13W per litre of water produced, Mr. Kamen uses twice as much energy as my system. And considerably more energy than many large scale plants use.

I do not think the focus is on energy consumption, at least in Kamen's eyes, but rather that the system is durable and compact and I assume inexpensive. On a small scale the energy consumption is not as relevant as it would be on a large scale. We don't buy irons with energy consumption as a top consideration but we do look at cars in this light.

What one needs to ask is does this system offer scalability? Without scalability the reality of thew undeveloped world is that it cannot afford millions of these machiones per country.

The other consideration is waste - by cleaning water one accumulates toxic wastes - heavy metals, bacteria and a host of other goodies. Where do these go? In my system the disposal of these wastes has been accounted for in the most responsible manner possible. In Kamen's system there needs to be an answer to this issue or thr danger and damage from these waste deposits will in part nullify the good of the technology.

I admire Kamen for his iconoclasm and scientific successes, but I know water well and to date water in many parts of the world remains a problem. I'd like to think my system is the answer, but as Kamen himself knows it isn't always a matter of having a solution but rather the resources to get it in play.

Governments and CEO's have one thing surely in common: they are not bright, they are self-interested and often corrupt. It's the man/woman who manages to overcome these obstacles who wins the day, and this is the most difficult of tasks.

My technology can be packed into a 20' container, can be deployed on a beach and started within 5 minutes, and produce 250 gallons per day at well less than 6w per litre, at a manufactured cost of less than $200K USD. It won't break down, it won't lose productivity year on year, and it has been running for over 5 years already in real time applications. Sounds too good to be true, and this is exactly why we have yet to achieve funding. We as humans can build great inventions, but as to how to change the rigid and woeful mindsets of those who invest is something we've not yet solved.

As with Kamen's water machine, nothing is as it seems.  

25 Jun 2010 @ 07:29 by adam bronson @ : Correction to my post
My technology as configured in the example of the emergency relief 20' container produces 250 THOUSAND gallons per day, not 250. Sorry for the typo!


19 Mar 2011 @ 16:27 by Steve Hammell @ : STERLING SLINGSHOT

The Sterling Engine powered Slingshot Vapor Compression Still is interesting on the surface. How about waste disposal? Can the wastes be combusted or otherwise used, recycled? Scaling up production and distribution for widespread use should be like marketing cell phones if socio-economic "software" is in place to solve those challenges.

Is there a UNICEF or WHO center somewhere that rigorously tests and compares new and existing third world water treatment systems to prove which systems are most technologically appropriate [for certain applications], least costly to manufacture, most sustainable etc so that potential users don't have to wade through rheems of hype associated with manufacturers' claims? Dean, are you working with the ACUMEN FUND [or other non-profit venture capital firm] to bring in cash to manufacture and distribute through the World Bank? I would like to work with you on that . Steve Hammell
Green Mountain Studio


29 Apr 2016 @ 05:03 by Tike @ : uJLqhWtwgLXGYvezglU
I made this last week and it was very good. I di&n2#8d17;t grill the corn because I had some ears of corn already cooked. It still turned out great and the sweetness of the dressing was a yummy surprise.  

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