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 The Doughnut Universe2003-03-11 23:59
by Flemming Funch

New scientific data is apparently indicating that the universe might finite and shaped like a doughnut, says a New York Times article. If you remember old computer games like Spacewar or Asteroids where, if one moves off the screen in one side, you come back from the other side. That's what would happen if the universe is finite and curved in one or more dimensions. And topologists would argue that finite spaces are more simple and easy to create than infinite spaces, so they're more likely shapes for the universe.
The simplest of these compact universes is something called a 3-torus, a doughnut wrapped in three different dimensions. This object is essentially impossible to visualize: it is the equivalent, in a way, of a cube whose opposite sides are somehow glued together. In two dimensions it works just like the Spacewar screen.

Living in such a universe would be like being inside a hall of mirrors, Dr. Tegmark said. Instead of seeing new stars deeper and deeper in space, you see the same things over and over again as light travels out one side of your cube and back in the other.
The finite universe model would do away with some of the troublesome and depressing aspects of the prevalent Big Bang inflation theory, which seemed to expect that everything would end up being terribly far from everything. Which just doesn't seem right.

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13 Mar 2003 @ 06:27 by neolux : Universe as doughnut
as long as it's not one of those sickly sweet pink frosted with jimmies homer simpson doughnuts. That would be just too cruel for words.  

13 Mar 2003 @ 14:29 by ming : Doughnuts
It has jelly inside, I'm sure. Except for, you need to bite all over until you find it.  

13 Mar 2003 @ 14:53 by bushman : I saw it.
In a dream, it's a rotating spinning doughnut. They also showed it in an episode of Star trek, next gen, as Wesley Crushers warp bubble. It looked like a flat oval, but the motion was like a spinning in on itself O ring in a clockwise direction, it also rotates on it's axis in a counter clockwise direction. Also, there where 2 beams of purple light, that came out of the center of the doughnut. 1 at the north pole, 1 at the south. In the dream, I saw all sorts of mathmatical equasions, like e=mc2, these equasions floated around in this blackness, and then, POW, (I litraly heard the POW), theres this spinning doughnut thing, emiting the beams of light.  

13 Mar 2003 @ 15:45 by sharie : Density>Gravity>CurvatureOfSpace>Sphere
Dr. Walter Russell wrote brilliantly on this subject.

Wish I could.  

5 Apr 2004 @ 02:30 by Henk van Elburg @ : doughnut universe
Some time ago I read A Brief History of Time by S. Hawkings about possible shapes of the universe. Although it may sound weird, but I believe that it seems that our thoughts or mind stream energies move about in one pool where there is no distance or time. So thoughts/energies of past, present and future people (or even other forms of life) may influence each other. Those who are accessible to this may come to new insights about things we cannot explain yet. While comtemplating about Hawkings's views on the universe, a thought was shaped in my mind that the universe could be like a doughnut. In the course of time I felt that it could also be like an apple without the core. Thus the expanding and shrinking process of the universe could probably explained too, on which I do not wish to enlarge now. I was very anxious to know whether this was my sole idea or meanwhile shared by others (interacting of mind streams can make this possible)and thus I started my quest on the internet with this astonishing result. I will certainly study what other people's thoughts are about the doughnut universe.  

6 Nov 2005 @ 04:07 by topolopo @ : until
you experience the same things over and over again as thought travels out one side of your head and back in the other  

25 Jan 2007 @ 13:34 by tahner forsyth @ : hi
i like dougnuts  

29 Jun 2008 @ 15:13 by rayj @ : inside of the doughnut?
I was thinking that if an object traveling in this doughnut was heading for and edge, space would curve as it reached the "center" or outer edge. Objects could be moving like water through an inner tube in zero gravity, I picture the "hole" as infinitely narrow at the center for some reason. Does that sound right?  

14 Nov 2008 @ 23:33 by Andrew Titcombe @ : Doughnut space
E=MC2, we,atoms can't travel faster than light(fact?)light travels at a constant speed(not true)If true then light would be able to escape black holes.gravity has an effect on light.If I pointed a light out into space it would shine out but would slowly be slowed down as it travels out buy gravity of all the mass of the centre of everything to a point it stops moving forward.If i got into a space ship I would not be able to get to the edge of space because I can't travel faster than the speed of light at the edge.although I feel I am traveleling at close to speed of light I am traveling not as fast as if I was close to the centre of everything.never quite reaching the edge with galaxies alway in front of me as they set off on the journey well before I set out in my space ship or even my telescope.To my perspective space would seem to go on in front of me forever.+energy/-energy also depends on perspective.  

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