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Hydrogen refueling stations

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 Hydrogen refueling stations2003-04-25 19:14
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A new hydrogen refueling station has been opened in Iceland. You know, for cars running on hydrogen. There aren't many of those yet. The hydrogen is created on the spot from water, using electricity from local geothermal and hydroelectric sources. In other words, that's about as clean and sustainable as it gets. There are a few other hydrogen refueling stations around the world, so it is not the first like it says.

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4 May 2003 @ 22:25 by Len Johnson @ : Clearer air
Let's keep the government out of the hydrogen fuel business. In the mid 70's, I was a solar tech. When the government obtained oil at a cheap rate again, I wasn't just out of a job, I was out of that earn money during the day and spend time with my family in the evening life style. Job to job, then back to school, but I was too old to be in the corperate ladder. Destined for the labor force. My opportunity slipped away. Wasn't it once said that there is nothing better than an idea whose time had come. I use to think that about solar, then the money controlling politicians stepped in.  

12 Aug 2004 @ 10:55 by Zoltan Fibonacci @ : Broken link
Thanks for a fascinating and informative website. Unforch, your link, "hydrogen refueling stations", is broken. I would like to examine this link. Thank you.


9 Mar 2006 @ 14:16 by Dani Williams @ : Hydrogen
Everyone thinks that hydrogen is "all that." Well I beg to differ. You are probably thinking, "Huh...what do you mean?" Well, while making hydrogen, it is actually more pollutant than burning fossil fuels. In an everyday car, there is exhaustion coming out, if you think that is very pollutant, then listen up! When hydrogen is being made, there is even more stuff put into the air than burning fossil fuels (look up top, I've already said that). Hydrogen cars should not go any further!  

20 Dec 2014 @ 00:39 by Ahmad @ : ftDXjBeJqNRPLPT
Electric cars are . . . joke. Okay they are not using fossil fuels to move, but how much does it take to prucdoe such cars? Battery are very consuming, and like battery in your laptop you have to change it, because performance is running down. Solar panels are not efficient enough to power a car. In my opinions, governments should support using second hand cars, especially diesel. I am much more eco friendly with my 1,9 vw diesel than person in this electric car, because there was ZERO energy and resources used to prucdoe my 1994 vw Vento, and it's still pretty ecological.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 17:24 by Liza @ : ufchYHZUkzXUT
fantastic!!! show people that you can make a hydogren powered GUN??? now when people start making home made weapons using hydogren extracted from WATER using the ancient HHO GENERATORS you can erect at HOME??, what do you reckon the gov is gonna reckon about that then?? they wont be soo forgiving. = killing the freedom for hho generators ..look, you cannot show people stuff like that, someones poor small kid will doubtless blow himself up messing with hydrolysis.keep the vids safe please.thanks.  

1 May 2016 @ 11:02 by Lillah @ : RqyqTrXhtsZTarPn
I'm impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very kneedelgoablw?  

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