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The formula for telekinesis

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 The formula for telekinesis2003-05-27 14:49
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Via mysterious earth, this announcement from a physics researcher who says he's come up with the equation for demonstrating telekinesis:
TK = CFe + ZPE - SD - E+
It means that Telekinesis (TK) is the result of a sufficiently high amount of Iron in the brain (CFe), of a Zero Point Emotion (ZPE) state, not using energy on will power or imagination or anything, and it is reduced by any degree of Sleep Deprivation (SD), and reduced by any degree of excesss vitamin E (E+) as that reduces the iron.

Eh, hm, that's a bit silly, I think. Doesn't exactly translate into something I can easily use, although maybe he's right about those points. But I don't think we can consider that a scientific formula.

I'm all for telekinesis, and I've bent spoons, and done a couple of other "impossible" feats, like opening security locks with the wrong key. None of which I can easily repeat, but I do have a sense of the elements involved. Which is mostly a certain mental state which it isn't easy to create at will. Doing it with a group of people who create a common agreement that it is now possible - that helps. And some phenomenon of letting go and not investing any emotions or thoughts on the idea of failure.

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27 May 2003 @ 22:02 by ming : Iron
Hm, I'll try suck on some screws and see what happens. Or, maybe you can send me some of that metallic acid there.  

10 Aug 2003 @ 17:19 by john @ : help
Does anyone out there get energy surges and bad vibes from people across a room you don't even know? please help! am I ok ( mentally)?  

13 Apr 2004 @ 15:03 by Dak danger @ : pictures of real telekinesis
can any1 give me a picture of real telekinesis ?  

21 May 2004 @ 18:48 by Edwin @ : I need a teacher.
I'm not getting it, nothing moves or bends please help me get some answers I really would like to make things easy for my parents my mom as back problems and she still works for us please help.  

22 May 2004 @ 07:04 by ming : Bending spoons
Bending spoons is one of the easier tasks to accomplish. But it really only is likely to work with a group of people with a strong group intention. I'll write up my experience some time. But, in short, it only worked at a "PK Party" with 30 or so people there. And I was one of the last to figure out to do it, which was very frustrating. Essentially it only worked when I "gave up" and decided it didn't really matter.  

28 May 2004 @ 11:45 by Quirkeboy @ : Bending spoons and mindreading..
Well.. I dont want to rain on anyones parade.. and in my opinion.. there may BE such a thing as spoon bending and mind reading etc.. BUT.. Ive studied with magicians and there are MANY ways to apply enough misdirection to cause a person to think they bent a spoon.. or had someone crawl inside their brain for information.. or move objects..
Any of the videos at this link are easily explainable:
I seem to remember a "psychic" who produced very similiar results as these shown.. only to find out at a later date that he was blowing small puffs of air on the objects.
Check out Ian Rowland for a fantastic book on cold reading, check out Ben Harris' book called Gellerism Revealed for some fantastic metal bendin and moving the hands on a watch, etc.
I've done metal bending for people and moved the hands of a watch.. and have never used any telekinetic powers.. but the people SWEAR they see the spoon bend.. SWEAR they felt it bend in their hands etc... AND swear that I NEVER touched it!! Let me know if you want to learn more..
Bare in mind.. I WANT telekinesis to exist.. Ive just never seen any proof that it DOES...  

28 May 2004 @ 20:38 by ming : Trickery
I have no doubt that you can fool people, if that's your game. Lots of ways of doing that. That's not what what I was talking about. That a stage magician can do a certain trick that fools some people into thinking something happened doesn't count as any proof of that being the only way of doing it. The fact that you can make realistic planes on film, with models and computer animation, doesn't suddenly prove that planes can't fly and all recordings of such things are fake. It is comparing apples and oranges.

But, yes, bending spoons or walking on burning coals do not really translate into useful telekinesis. They're more useful as a motivational experience.  

1 Jun 2004 @ 20:49 by Quirkeboy @ : Apples and bad apples
Im just saying.. if you look closely at your apples and oranges.. they start looking alot alike. Magicians can, and have, produced the same results as spoonbenders in identical conditions.. See the Amazing Randi or Banachek..
To take your example of special effects in movies.. if I saw a movie with a computer generated plane.. and one person (the "spoonbender") told me the image was rendered by magical powers.. and another person (the magician) told me it was done by computer imagery and told me where to find the books to explain how its done...based on my desire to make an informed decision.. I would probably read the books on CGI before I started believing in magic!
I studied the techniques that charlatans would employ to produce psychic effects and I did this NOT to be closed minded.. but so I would be more quipped to notice the REAL thing when I see it!
Thanks for listening..  

2 Jun 2004 @ 01:14 by ming : In or out
Fair enough. It can get increasingly hard to ascertain what is real and what is not. What I'm getting at is not necessarily how you can guess from the outside, but rather how you can know from the inside. How to know when you're doing something real.  

19 Jun 2004 @ 13:27 by Cindy @ : 'Ello!
Yes, there'll be some idiots on tv (hate them!) who do give telekinesis a bad name, but I want to make a point here: **everyone has the ability**. It's just like basketball or soccer or drawing, the more you practice, the better you get at it. Not everyone's going to believe me, but I don't care now that I can do it myself. I do better with meditating under no light and managed to roll a rubber ball around my fingers once. Why? Because I **believe I can***. Nothing's more important than believing you can do it  

11 Jul 2004 @ 23:12 by bernard achuba @ : Telekinesis
i practiced it for 3 years and still cant do it I dont understand  

8 Aug 2004 @ 23:43 by songos_pet_kilala @ : how do u do it???
how do u do it i did c a door shut when i was lokin at it and thought i needed to shut it and it auto matically shut i have questions on this.  

26 Aug 2004 @ 03:49 by QMAL @ : spoon bending stuff
ahhh- telekinesis- The manifestation, transmission, and focus of psi energy on matter or objects outside the brain, to produce a measurable change on that matter. Well I don't know about bending a spoon , I haven't achieved that one yet , nor have I tried it. I've seen it done though and used this form of telekinetic energy many times in other processes and I believe we all do.When I was a teenager I used to conduct a kind of ongoing pk experiment where I would try do disrupt the trajectory of my opponents darts in some of the many dart games we would play. I would stand out side the ring but facing parallel to the board but perpendicular to the thrower and try to exert energy the darts as they flew, just as the darts would approach the board. Fairly amazing results I thought, after several years of trying this and would often get statements from the thrower like "say, my darts seem to be curving" .( not an entirely useful or even fair use of pk either). So I also believe that processes of this nature are entirely learnable and practicable, once a format is created to do such. The relationship between iron level in the blood and ability may be a bit over simplified. (It is a little bit silly) This formula may be entirely correct, but I question it on a scientific level(I am certainly not really qualified to do that but its fun). I would consider it more possibly as a part of a larger whole or as part of a process to learn pk?. I would think a normal amount of iron in the blood should be sufficient to do telekinesis, if there is a relationship to iron. Personally I have stayed awake for ...days involved in telepathic exchange with another person, so I doubt the sleep depravation part of this equation as well. I would also say emotion dynamics are not to relative to producing pk either.Guess I don't get the zero point emotion thing( an open state of mind?) state of mind would be integral , I just don't see, (emotion is interference?) I would think will power would be a necessary part of this process. There are a lot of folks doing these kind of things and not paying much attention to iron, sleep, and emotion and vitamins. So this equation may be a part outline in a way, say to learn or create process to learn to do pk... There are probably many different processes one could learn to lead to this ability. I would describe the process of pk as a parallel thought process that manifests, focuses and transmitts psi energy to affect objects outside the brain. I think the function of the the whole body / brain and all of its amazing chemistry do play a role. To my knowledge telekinetic energy has not yet been produced/ measured with out the body/brain or at least, life is involved. If any one out there is aware of a machine that produces and/or directs this type of energy on any scale that is measurable, or even a machine that measures psi energy directly, I would be very interested in studying such or any theories of the like. Such a devise/s will be a key to linking our minds directly with cybernetic machine. I have a few ideas for this I want to focus on at some point in my life(hopefully), so any data would be greatly appreciated. All kinds of human and other life engendered processes use this type of energy. Some other possible examples of pk might be like how plants push through solid rock or how someone in an adrenaline rush can perform apparently physically in-calculable feats. Adrenaline breaks down into a Adrenal-chromate compound in the blood ( adrenachrome), a compound similar to Mescaline so there might be the state of mind part of that adrenal related phenomena. So I agree with Ming - State of mind has a lot to do with it. The eye is an great feedback / transmission organ and does participate in the process of a wide variety of so called paranormal processes which I really look at as not being paranormal at all, but normal. So eyes may well be/ or almost definitively are a valid part of pk process.
Haven't studied this particular stuff in a bit but here are a few of the things I had been reading awhile ago.
I found recently on related topics-


These people may be well on the way to understanding this process and others as it occurs in the brain/ neurons and in general.


this is also interesting, and these formulas make much more sense to me-


This may also be a good summary /model


This same energy can be observed at work even at the cellular level, of coarse radiated in a little different or simpler way. starting with

Brown, F. (1962). Responses of the planarian, Dugesia, and the protozoan, paramecium to very weak horizontal magnetic fields. Biological Bulletin, 123, pp. 264-281.

and continuing with(I think- cant find a link to the studys) one by Chari C.T.K. (1971)?

A well known case for the life part of the equation.....Erwin Shrödinger


I certainly do not understand some of the above stuff , exactly, but pk is a most interesting phenomena to check out , and fun to try. I think scientificly understanding it gets a little deeper than the blood iron levels and such, since brain/body are the most highly complex self organized thing I am aware of in the universe to date. However learning pk , is probably quite possible for many. I guess Ming your comment above describes just that, you learned it. The description of your experience reminded me of something else as well. A ritual,, I know as Quaking,, practiced openly by Quakers several century's ago, possibly practiced still in different or closed ways. ( I was raised in the Quaker religion but no longer am a active part of it, exactly). Basically they( a group of participants ) would stand in circle and perform a healing/influence ritual by focusing collectively their energy on person or object and hold them or it in the light ( LIGHT-I believe a term they use describing this collectively gathered energy , the aura radiated from it and it's effects, all in relation to god). So that too, possibly a similar pk/psi influenced process. You mention the group effect of positive reinforcement. Its cool that you bent a spoon though Ming :) and likewise if this new formula (the Conrad Telekinesis Formula) works for people than thats cool to. Happy spoon bending people.  

23 Sep 2004 @ 01:53 by chris campbell @ : telekinesis
i really want to know how to do this but I dont understand it, I mean I have bent a fork a little, but how do I pick things up?  

16 Oct 2004 @ 19:57 by Becca @ : tiered
everytime i try to thr a psi ball or bend spoons or even just get a magazine... IT NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER WORKS... im starting to give up hope. its really quite annoying... like yesterday (10/14/04) there was a girl who kept on pshing me... wouldnt stop! i told her nicely and then i got aggrevated! then she tackeled me to the floor... i tried to throw a psi ball at her to at least get her off me and get a head-start running home... but it didnt work! she called me a freak and got her "girlfriends" to kick me outside! sad really... and at the end, she spit near me and said i was a looser! i just dont understand... we used to be bestfriends... anyway! I WANNA DEFEND MY SELF... I WANNA PROVE TO EVERY1 THAT I HAVE TELEKINETIC POWERS... I WANT NOT TO HAVE TO GET UP IF I AM SICK TO GET A BOOK... DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME...HELP!!  

23 Oct 2004 @ 09:20 by khaled @ : i want to know where can i get course
dear sir,
i would like to join the course for telepathy and telekinesis.please help me where is the good place for it.
im khaled 33y,from kuwait  

24 Oct 2004 @ 02:50 by 6thgrader @ : i think i did
one day i was in a band concert and dropped my sax. it was from a hight enough to dent it. but before it hit the floor it slowed down and theres not a single dent. and from that i conclude that its not a toy but its tool to help things you like last longer or to help others or you just need to.  

25 Oct 2004 @ 04:49 by EdKnight @ : Telekinesis
Comedian to crowd: all of you who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand.  

6 May 2005 @ 01:21 by Jeff @ : TK
I believe that such phenomena as telekinesis and human energy manipulation are entirely possible yet, it seems as though no normal person has ever been able to recreate the fantastic displays of talent that we've all seen on television. Why doesn't this make sense?  

8 May 2005 @ 18:07 by Ashley @ : Telekinesis
Does anyoneknow of a teacher in KEntucky that can help me do telekinesis?  

21 May 2005 @ 18:22 by scott @ : telekinesis easy
i am a strong telekinetic i started reading stuff on the internet and though i am only 8 i felt like i already knew it so i tried to get a penny to hit my brother then go somehow completely invisible so he would not know and it totally worked  

24 May 2005 @ 01:36 by i have a lackadaisical life @ : telekinesis
i would like very much to ask if this "formula" (umm im not shur who made it)may help in any way the development in telekinesis, esp ect. for i am very interested it the subject and would like very much to speek with someone in depth with the matter of this subject so i could maybe learn myself in a easier faster divelopment of telekinesis. p.s. im looking for answers! so please respond with a e-mail to: irckudnt@msn.com  

3 Jun 2005 @ 18:34 by Grimace @ : telekinesis
I agree with the notion that there has been no media coverage of anybody reproducing telekinetic powers! And I'm sure if there was, cameras would be swooping in from all over the place. and since that hasn't happened, it's hard to give telekinesis credibility. I mean, everyone says its possible and really wish it were, but yeah. I guess i'm being naieve, have to stop thinking and start meditating :P  

21 Jun 2005 @ 23:06 by Tim @ : TK
The reason there is no proof in the media... is because THEY stop it. Most people that practice TK and "mind powers" could care less if people believe them or not. Everyone can do it... If you can't.. you are trying too hard... You cannot use your positive intuition if you are in a place of frustration, or discouragemnet. Also it is a lot easier at the start to move or change something with your mind that naturally moves or changes by itself. Rolling a BB... Spinning a pinwheel... etc. The trick is to have fun... and have it suprize you each time. Think of yourself AS the zero point field...  

5 Jul 2005 @ 17:41 by Shaun @ : Help!
I am really interested in this whole idea of telekinesis. I have been trying to do it for two weeks now and I am seeing no results. Could someone please help me to develop these abilities- if possible. I live in South Africa and I do not know anyone who could help me here.  

5 Jul 2005 @ 18:37 by bushman : Hmm
Well, I would say as well, if you try to do it, the thought cancels out the action, like he said above dont try, just do. Anyway, there are safegaurds, TK action wont let you go bezerk, its not a superpower like fire starter, or the Xmen, lol. Could you even imagine what the world would be like if there was a bunch of untrained Jesus's running around? My view is that Jesus's parents had to sit him down a few times and tell him , its great you can do all these things, but its not a good thing to just strike people down you dont like. Found that info in the lost books of the bible, the childhood of Jesus, if anyone had ADHD, back then it was Jesus, lol. He was a handfull up until he reached 7 years old, then he figured it all out and started seeking knowledge from the scolars, then by 13, he surpassed them intelecualy, and found his path. TK is there for spontainious survival, it comes on during some imenent situation, like say a impending car wreck, time goes into slow motion to give you time to take evasive action, if your paying attention, you will utilize the time displacment. Ive had a couple things happen, but never because I tryed to do it, it happens when your in the moment and under stress for most people, like late for a very important meeting, and getting in the car only to find you left the keys on the desk, your in a panic Oh crap, I got 5 mins to get there, so you run back into your house, only with the thought that time is ticking by, Ive had the door to the house just pop open and my keys fly off the desk almost into my hand, scared the crap out of me, lol. Its all about being in the moment, not thinking of the past or future of the situation. TK is there when you absolutly have to have it.  

13 Jul 2005 @ 00:41 by Alex @ : i tried
I hope some one is reading this. I tried doing it but it just hurts my brain I tried all possible ways and well i have faild. I love it so much i can't stop practicing.  

21 Aug 2005 @ 12:45 by randy @ : i did
i have been doing TK for about 3 weeks and the biggest thing i can move is a pen it takes tims  

21 Aug 2005 @ 12:46 by randy @ : whoops

7 Sep 2005 @ 13:41 by silvyo @ : p.k is real
i used to do it when i was 7 years old.i could do some really cool stuff because i thaught that everyone could do it.easy like pie .this stopped when mine mother caught me trying tl bring the car into the air.i could snap spoons and stuff like that.i liked to read the yoga books and do those trainings.even mine cousin could do it an dhe was much younger than me.to bad they told us the truth tha t its impossimble or els we stil would be able to snap pens and freaky stuff.i just can't get the believe back if i don't see anyone do it in front of me.  

13 Sep 2005 @ 21:35 by ryan @ : telekinesis
Ive been trying for bout 2 years i thought that i moved a ball but im not sure.
i was wondering what do u think about when you do TK. every time i try to do TK
i get an endriline rush. also when i try sometimes the wind blows what does that mean?  

19 Oct 2005 @ 19:41 by JIDW @ : Revalation
I live in south africa just like Shaun and am 16 years old.I have been teaching the art of using energy to do certain things to people for 5 years now.now, this has nothing to do with TK but,one of the first things i treach is telepathy, which works on 2 different ways,1)sensing emotion in the person(which is constantly present)such as depression and love.2)is done with intense consentration and the persons current thoughts can be read.'seeing' without your eyes is one of the first thing I teach too but,we cannot perform TK!I can even teach advanced offensive use of energy.which I teach later on in the training.I dont know where I learned to do all this,it just came to me and all of a sudden,I could do it.I have performed TK accidentally before but am unable to do it at will!plz e-mail me if you have questions:

23 Oct 2005 @ 02:52 by Joe @ : i want to learn telekinesis
i've done countless internet exercises, listned to idiots who don't kno anything, and spent 8 months on an exercise that still doesn't work. people keep saying don't give and keep trying but i'm losing my faith in this after 2 years. if anyone REALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT please e-mail me i really do want to learn telekinesis.  

1 Nov 2005 @ 16:12 by ryan @ : tkhelp
I've benn trying for a while to learn tk and move stuff like psiwheels and pencils etc...and i've tryed making psiballs. nothing seems to work, perhaps it is because of all the negative enrgy of no one believing in it and be around me, but i dont know. if any one one lives near georgia and can help me out, please do cause it would be great. THX  

21 Nov 2005 @ 16:48 by mustafa @ : telekinesis
hahaha. everybody says that when u believe, u will manage telekinesis. nonsense. cuz i believe, i concentrate on but it doesnt work. now, ,i have given up. it is nothing but wasting time and tiring brain.  

4 Dec 2005 @ 03:20 by Jeff @ : tk and pk
I, like many of you, have tried for years, about 3 and 1/2, but i have not managed it. I sometimes think i have only to realize that it was a little blast of air or something. I think that i may be giving up.  

4 Dec 2005 @ 03:37 by jeff @ : my expiriences
I have had expiriences but not with tk. It would be more of a telepathy i guess but it is not voluntary. I have never been like, "Oh, I'm gonna do it now," and have it work, it is when i don't think about it that it just happens. I'm not going to say the exact things because whenever i do, it never happens again. Maybe because i think that it won't happen again. Oh weel, that just supports the whole state of mind concept. My point being, Don't Try to do it, just let it happen. Even if it is not ehat you want, don't disregard it. I have come to terms that i will probably never expirience tk, but it doesn't mean i won't keep trying. By the way, the times when i think i have done something and then it just seems like a coincidence or what ever, it happens more often then not when it is an object in motion, especially flight and simi-light weight. Just in case anyone feels like trying. Have fun and just don't really care about doing it. Let it happen because trying to force it will probably only prolong the wait. Cheers, and may find what you seek.  

14 Dec 2005 @ 10:55 by Kula @ : TK
When you tell someone that you have Tk, will it be gone??  

20 Dec 2005 @ 20:40 by Zack Minsky @ : WTF
Listen odds are you are not going to have any mental ability ass holes. About 1 in 10 million people have a tepral lobe developed enough to even explore the possibility of moving something with there minds so please to save what face we have left of the human race just stop trying. WTF  

20 Dec 2005 @ 20:44 by Lynx2 @ : who asked u
Fag jinsky or what ever the hell your name is, who the fuck asked you, dick weed. If i wanted to know that kind of shit i would look it up on the computer that i am using to totaly burn your ass. Who says everyone doesn't have a little pschycic(not sure on spelling) in them. Fuckin newb.  

21 Dec 2005 @ 20:41 by jeff @ : god damn
i agree with Lynx2. It was your idea to come to this chat thing, so don't fuckin get all pissy Zack Minsky, however the hell you say it. god damn, if you want to be all closed minded and shit then that's your own fault; however, we, the vast majority of the people typing on this site, are talking to actually explore a possibility. Do you actually know, for a fact, of anyone having the "tepral lobe" that is so highly "developed?" And what the hell does or talking of TK have to do with defiling the human race. If you don't want to know what we have to say, then don't come here. Your the ass hole, not us bitch.  

25 Dec 2005 @ 01:31 by Zack Minsky @ : Jeff and Lynx2 r gay
You are a bunch of dumb fucks. Lynx, your AN ASS HOLE FOR THINKING YOUR A PSYCHIC. iF YOUR SO GOD DAMN PSCHIC THEN READ MY MIND. You know What Im thinking. IM thinking that If I ever met you I would put my size ten foot up your ass. Dick hole.Jeff, Your a fag for hopping on the, lets Believe Lynx2 band wagon. go suck your sisters dick.  

25 Dec 2005 @ 18:26 by jeff @ : Ha Ha Ha
First of all, what is there to believe. It is a fact. Your being an ass. Second, you never responded to any of the questions asked to you. Your the one who came on here telling us that we are the ass holes. Don't get all defensive bitch.  

25 Dec 2005 @ 20:22 by jeff @ : your an ass
fuck you greg  

28 Dec 2005 @ 17:24 by Zack MInsky @ : Fuckin a Greg
Way to go, Greg. Kick the shit out of your little bbother or he'll end up like one of these fuck moocks on this chat. LIsten dick weeds, You haven't asked me any questions so I cant answer them, you fuckin waff. When I get A Q I will answer it. So fuck off and Amen Greg.  

28 Dec 2005 @ 17:28 by Lynx2 @ : Fuckin Zack Minxky
Zack, Your a faggot and so are u greg. YOu both should meet up and fuck each other in the asshole, you close minded pricks. Greg youare a dueche for taking saides with Fag Ginsky and if you don't like what we have to say then dont tlk on this chat you fuck head. I swear if I ever met u I would kick the ever loving shit out of you and form A psi ball to shove up your ass.  

29 Dec 2005 @ 00:36 by jeff @ : very strange
first of all, this site seems to no longer be for talking about TK. Just fucking drop it. Second, it probably just a coincidence or both Lynx2 and Zack Minksy are constantly on this site, checking every second, but Lynx and Zack have written comments at almost the exact same time. This happend both times they wrote. It almost seems like they are the same person. Like I said, probably a coincidence. Just a rather large one...  

29 Dec 2005 @ 02:39 by Zack Minsky @ : MAybe ur pschic
Listen Jeff, MAybe its that were telepathically connected. Ass whole. I cant explain this but I can tell u this. Lynx2, who ever the fuck he is obviously has no life if he likes to watch the site and wait for me to comment so if your reading this lynx2, fuck off and by the by this will be my last comment so fuck u all.  

29 Dec 2005 @ 23:52 by Shane @ : Telekinesis exists
Well for people that actually want to learn and believe in telekinesis, i'll tell you now that it exists. Its something we all have and are born with its just we forgot how to use it because of our factual world were born in. I've been practicing for about 2 months now and i can move a few things. Such as dreamcatchers. I can make them spin in environments were theres nothing that can move them and i have witnesses and i do it from about 20 feet so no its not my breath. Im not that great yet but the power is there you just gotta believe and practice a lot and dont lose hope. E mail me if you want the knowledge i have. I might be able to help you out a bit.  

9 Jan 2006 @ 17:37 by Rehan @ : I want to learn Telekinesis
I want to learn Telekinesis for my own sack. I hope that you ll teach me learning telekinesis. Please teach me what i have to do and please send me all the techniques for learning telekinesis.

thanking you,  

15 Jan 2006 @ 13:47 by pSyCho @ : Techniques
please can anyone show da telekinesis techniques here or email me please ? pleeeeeeease help me , i tried everything but it seems doesnt work but i am not giving up.. i just need some more techniques or ideas how to make it done.. pleaseee email me , im a good person lol..  

26 Jan 2006 @ 08:44 by TheOne @ : HERE
........... here are some sites teaching telekinesis/telepathy techniques-
- also if you are interested in learning more about the universe and how it works( as every intelligent being should ) then here is a site to read up on-
-peace- the one and only *TheOne*  

26 Jan 2006 @ 08:50 by TheOne @ : ALSO
and here is another site ( and very up to date i might add ) with lessons for developing telekinesis, only 5 lessons out so far, 6th lesson on feb 9th 2006

-BTW , switch this link with the first link i posted in your mind, will make a hell a lot mroe sense, lol

-peace- the one and only *TheOne*  

1 Feb 2006 @ 00:05 by Tiffany @ : Telekinesis EXISTS!
Telekinesis indeed does exist.I know for all those who have tried and failed and given up now think that it is full of shit but it is real.
Here is a link you can go to that will really help.
I know how to do telekinesis.
It happened when my brother said
something really stupid to me
that I focused really hard on a tissue
box and the next thing I knew it flew and hit him
in the back of his head.Plus I didn't even meditate.
So Telekinesis actually EXISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

21 Feb 2006 @ 15:09 by issam @ : i wana do telekinesis
i rele wana do teleknisis becuse i believe that the mind is able to do anything that it commands to want but u knw what the problem is my will power sucks if anyone wants to help me how to do teleknesis add me sam_brooklyn_999@hotmail.com plzzz i beg anyone who woudl help me plzzzz i rele need this. i am very despret to do teleknesis
blees be  

3 Mar 2006 @ 16:22 by daryadi @ : Confuse...

8 May 2006 @ 09:26 by Damien @ : Duuuuuhhhhhh
There are so many shallow-minded smart arses underestimating themselves and others. Even if these abilities do exist- 1) you need to believe it 2) you need to believe in yourself and others and 3) you need to be aware of the techniques and methods that promote psychic develoment.
The Western population is also extremely materialistic- which basically means were dick*eads because were completely oblivious to the innate power of human beings. Wake up to the wonders of the human mind.  

8 Aug 2006 @ 18:04 by michael @ : sleepy
wen I try to do tk I get tird and I need help doing tk  

30 Aug 2006 @ 14:25 by Hacker Jack @ : TELEKINESIS
Can any one tell me how to do telekinesis  

14 Sep 2006 @ 00:57 by VictoRya @ : Hmmm...
I dunno if this means anything (maybe someone can tell me...) but, one evening while I was walking with a friend of mine, I mentioned something about the street lights. She had stopped to tie her shoe and I kept walking for a second and as I walked under the street light it turned off. Jokingly I said, "ooohhh" and laughed it off, but on the way home I walked under that same street light and it turned back on. Ever since that night, EVERY single time that I am out and it's dark, at LEAST one street light will go off when I walk under it, look at it, drive past it..whatever.. that was almost a year ago and it still happens now.. some form of telekenetic power/ability??? no clue, but I think its cool...  

21 Sep 2006 @ 19:38 by ramon @ : plz!!
someone plz mail me i wanna learn TK plz plz i am still practicing :) ramonryf64@hotmail.com  

6 Oct 2006 @ 00:40 by sh @ : TK
I still use the pin and match in the bottle thing most of my time, but it wont move an inch when im using my mind.
need help now! mr_smooth_88@hotmail.com
help me plz  

6 Oct 2006 @ 15:08 by Abby @ : I CANT DO IT!
I Hope people who are discouraged and others who actually can do this read this and email me at starshooterabby@aim.com. I cannot do it...ive tried spoons and all these metal things! I need a teacher...if anyone has any read advice tell me and also people tell me it can be dangerous...can it?

26 Oct 2006 @ 02:19 by Abby @ : I want to learn!
I want nothing more to learn how to do this! I really want to tap my inner strength and such, and if it is true that we all have this ability within us, which I think is entirely possible, then I would really love to practice and get better at it! If anyone can do these things, please e-mail me I would love to hear from you. P.S. How do you make a "psiball" and what exercises can I do to improve this skill and use it? Please help if you can!  

2 Nov 2006 @ 20:11 by waleed @ : Master mind
i can do telekinesis ..if any one wants to know the easy way ..add me up  

9 Nov 2006 @ 16:39 by mark "fakky" garcia @ : i might....
im doing a school project on this stuff so i just might try it.  

9 Nov 2006 @ 19:24 by Tony @ : I NEED A TEACHER!
I need a teacher at telkinesis i tried psi balls, moving thiings, bending spoons, forks and keys! i need help. e-mail me if you have easier ways to help me learn telekinesis. I wish to learn so bad!  

10 Nov 2006 @ 15:03 by speedy @ : give it a try
the top equation really looks to hold some promise.
if someone would just do an extended study and prove it (not any goverment though, as they wouldent probably give truthful results)some people might try
it (who arnt crazy).and greg sucks.  

13 Nov 2006 @ 15:07 by fakky @ : greg still sucks
all of you suck *caugh,greg*, even if tk is real nones proved it.
make a video people! that will shut up all lot of people
(including myself). just dont be all nerdy about it. if you
belive you can through psi balls, dont wait till a "bully"
comes around and pressures you for money or whatever.
plus the one and only the "one", cool name man.  

2 Dec 2006 @ 18:00 by TKnoob @ : TK LESSONS PLZ
i really want to learn tk it would be so awesome, this is the first week i've tried and I feel weird any time I do an "experiment", maybe that feeling is energy. I tried the psi ball, i couldnt see it but my hands twitched and got very hot, I could sware I could lay my hand on the psi ball it felt soft and bouncy. The spoon experiment seems a little harder but I feel the spooner softer every time, rolling or moving small objects is way to hard, I know its possible but I need better explanation. I really think TK exists so can somebody post a link with basics.

PS. this link really helped: http://home.xtra.co.nz/hosts/Wingmakers/Telekinesis.html  

6 Dec 2006 @ 14:59 by fakky @ : sweet
thanks TKnoob, that link really rocked!  

18 Dec 2006 @ 03:44 by Mikinesis @ : Anybody live in North Carolina?
If anybody lives in north carolina and would be like to teach me telekinesis I would be more than welcome to pay them. I'm fully determined. I myself think that all I need is to actually see it. Someone please email me..Mikfsh@yahoo.com  

20 Dec 2006 @ 05:57 by Jka @ : Wierd...
Wierd stuff happens all the time, but that doesn't mean its a 'power'!

I have had strange things happen (think about someone, then the phone rings and its them, talk to my(flaky) computer and suddenly it is working, ect.) but i doubt it is a phycic thing... and what the heck is a psi ball?  

20 Dec 2006 @ 18:41 by fakky @ : good point
jka, that is a good point. at times i would talk to my computer and it would suddenly start working again. i time i tiped a bunch of letters in a google search, compleatly at random, and it came up with stuff on the holocaust.
which i needed to know for my test the next day!  

20 Dec 2006 @ 18:46 by speedy @ : whoa
the same kind of thing happend to me! my dog was covered in mud in my back yard,
so I sat there for 5 minutes and thought really hard about him being clean.
4 secounds later my dog ran in perfectly clean! for some reason my sprinklers went off earlier then i set them. i had them looked at, and theres nothing wrong, they never did it again.  

24 Dec 2006 @ 16:37 by chris @ : help!!!!!!
pls help me develop telekinesis.i'v been trying over a week now with no results. send me info if you like on chrisp303@hotmail.com.thx  

25 Dec 2006 @ 05:57 by jka @ : re: good point
or you write down some stupid something or other from out of the blue and ace your english paper? now THAT feaks me out. ESP???


think they're related?
oh... and... (am I the only one posting on this site not attempting to develop telekinetic powers?)

oh, and there is another thing...

has anyone noticed an odd recurance of a number or pattern in their lives?

I notice that the number 211 turns up in my life constantly... scary  

1 Jan 2007 @ 17:40 by Colton @ : Telekinesis
I know that lots of people are diing to learn telekinesis. And all they want to know is how people do it, but there is no how there is only do. I will tell you a way that might help.Your subconsiousness is very smart, but you can trick it. You can trick it by trying to move an object and saying to yourself hey look it moved a little bit hey look it moved again. And now your subconsiousness is like what? im moving it ..well okay and then your subconsiousness will start to move it ... Hope that I helped okay well Byez.  

12 Jan 2007 @ 01:38 by Matt @ : telekenisis
Stress of the moment seems to hurt ability. I have had a few things that I have done since childhood that I don't even think about. Stopping drinks from fizzing over(most of the time), stopping things from rolling off of the table(some of the time), encouraging opponents shots to miss while playing pool(did this for a while but found out that "karma" would make me miss my next shot as well so quit), encouraging bolts, screws, bottle lids etc.. to come loose that I couldn't do with strength alone, keeping things from falling over(sometimes), and odds and ends things here and there just as it came to me. Do I believe its all possible? Yes. I started doing it before it even occured to me that it was impossible. I have seen a martial arts master cut through a piece of bamboo using a business card as if he had a really sharp knife in his hand. This wasn't done in some hokey made up TV show setting it was at a backyard cookout at his house and he had on a short sleeved shirt. Now, is this telekenisis? No. I don't know exactly what psy power it could be categorized under. I know the explanation he gave on how he did it. I have tried it myself and managed to cut through several 2 liters filled with water using a bamboo katana. Most of the cuts were not clean but some of them were. It is sort of like filling your mind with all that you know about metal and it's qualities when it is sharpened down to it's sharpest form. Once your mind is full of nothing else you sort of package this and push it into the object that you are holding and let it surround it and immagine the thing that you are holding taking on these properties. I have tried the activity without doing it and cannot cut through the bottle, using the technique I can cut through it. It took almost a year of practise to do it, but I finally managed it. The Sifu that cut through the bamboo with the business card(which was not his by the way, it was a card from one of the guys at the cookout.) had been practicing for 25 or 30 years. I mention this mainly to say that I think that if a person only practised TK for 25 or 30 years they could probably do a number of things. As for sitting around and summoning things to you and stuff? I don't think that it would be without exertion. The times that I have conciously tried to do things instead of on the spur of the moment I have ended up with a migraine. Energy, I think does not come from nowhere and so therefore exertion of energy on an object in whatever form would have it's price. If it does indeed rely on chemical balances, would it not then seem to point that long periods of succesful exertion would possibly cause imbalances?

Just a thought.
I would appreciate any input on hows and stuff but I really don't think that there exists a sure fire way to learn. I think that each person's brain is so different that it would be a different experience for each one. Having some general path to follow might help, possibly I think, but most people that I have seen that do things like "close doors" and "catch things" just sort of happen onto it rather than figure it out. For one thing, the world of order sort of disagrees with what is happening so it would seem that an orderly approach might possibly not be the best way. I get better results more often when I don't even think about it, and sort of surprise myself with the idea of doing whatever it is. Maybe that is what he meant by "zero point emotion", I don't know.

Anyway, good luck to all.


30 Jan 2007 @ 22:19 by Dan Armando @ : Bending Spoons

I have to admit; I have many dreams wherein I am capable of moving objects around my house simply by focusing very deeply on the intention, than the action follows. Consequently, as I have become more aware, and view phenomenon from a scientific point, I find no evidence anywhere that a spoon or any solid object can be affected by thoughts alone. There simply is no evidence that any sort of telekinesis exists. I say this as one who dearly hoped it was a skill that could be learned and developed. Sadly, I believe it is nothing but slight of hand, and trickery.

Please do not respond to this post with some claim or allegation that cannot be proven.



3 Mar 2007 @ 02:13 by jules wells @ : reliable tk techniques
I am completely desperate to find a reliable technique that HONESTLY works.
Can you help me?  

17 Mar 2007 @ 05:19 by Shujinkoman @ : Telekinesis/Psychokinesis
Ok, I have studied and practised Telekinesis, although I have not had any actual telekinetic experiences I have had Telepathic Experiences such as guessing a peers uncommon middle name. If anyone can help me do telekinesis please...email me...I'm begging you...lol... :)  

22 Mar 2007 @ 00:28 by danarmando@comcast.net @ : Telekinesis
Dear Jules and Shujinkoman;

No one can help you with Telekinesis, no place, no time, because it simply does not exist. Just because a word is in the dictionary, does not mean it is real.


25 Mar 2007 @ 01:59 by Jules Wells @ : reliable tk techniques 2
My message is the same as last timebut twice as desparate PLEASE send me your best techniques PLEAAAAAAASE! I just gotta learn.Thanks.
To all jerks like Dan armando who come on here just to insult people who belive in telekinesis GET YOUR NEGATIVE BUTT OFF THIS SITE!!! Also
Dan Armando dont respond to this post with some claim or allegation that cannot be proven


29 Mar 2007 @ 16:53 by Dan Armando @ : Poor Jules

Your infantile desire for control and power may be better served by reading a comic magazine and imagining you are a super hero with telekinetic powers.

There is a standing offer of One Million US dollars for ANYPERSON who exhibits telekinesis under scientific conditions, by the Amazing Randy. Not one person has yet to accept the challenge. They simply visit sites like this one and make childish allegations.

Join reality.  

1 Apr 2007 @ 02:11 by jules wells @ : Desperate dan
Dear Dan,
If your so smart why do you use your time to go on sites like this to insult people who want or have a hobby when you could be doing something else with your "life"

let it go

1 Apr 2007 @ 02:11 by jules wells @ : Desperate dan
Dear Dan,
If your so smart why do you use your time to go on sites like this to insult people who want or have a hobby when you could be doing something else with your "life"

let it go

1 Apr 2007 @ 03:14 by Dan Armando @ : Dear Jules
It is quite o.k. to have hobbies. Your childish name calling resulted in an unpleasant exchange of e-mails and for that I am sorry, but name calling isn't a good stregy for eliciting positive feed back. I remain firmly ensconced in my position, and that is what angers you. Telekinesis does not exist, I simply suggested a new hobby for you, that is all. I thought I was being helpful by informing you that anyone who claims that they can display telekinesis is simply lying to you. You my friend need to let “that” go.  

1 Apr 2007 @ 03:49 by Dan Armando @ : Google JREF
By the way, google , "JREF" that should help you.  

13 Apr 2007 @ 07:56 by Nobody @ : heh
well i bent a spoon and i have turned off computers, tv's and cell phones on will but most who actually be able to control the ability will in no way tell anyone because once you know.. you know that.. its a special gift too you and the only tip anyone can ever give is to believe and never give up you have to find it in yourself to actually perform something like this. Believe it or not.  

14 Apr 2007 @ 23:42 by Dan Armando @ : To Nobody

Googel JREF, and go to The amazing Randy's site. If you can do as you claim, why not simply collect the million dollars that he is offering? You simply don't need the money? No, more likely you cannot bend spoons, and can't turn off computers and are just another fraud. Otherwise, take the challenge. :)  

20 Jun 2007 @ 22:37 by Julian Riches @ : Telekinisis need a teacher
If anyone has any info on someone who helps develop telekinisis in listowel and area please contact me at jumpyjulianriches@hotmail.com  

21 Jun 2007 @ 15:24 by matthew @ : This is weird
This is weird one day i was normal now i can move stuff and read thoughts but i cant control it and i know this hasnt got anything to do with telkenisis but i changed the weather to sunny then rainy and sunny again really fast  

24 Jun 2007 @ 20:16 by Julian Riches @ : I moved an empty can
This morning I was practising . I've been practising for about a month and a half. I was trying to make a empty can move and right when i was about to stop for a while my hand passed over the can and it shoke. It kinda just went on it's side for a sec, like it was about to topple over and then stood back up again but i was behind my school wall so the wind couldn't have done it. and i was sitting about two feet away so i couldn't have knocked it over. No it was a movement without any help. the really cool thing is when my hand passed over it there was a kinda tension between me and the cup. still looking for a teacher. si a nara  

24 Jun 2007 @ 20:46 by Julian Riches @ : What the hell is this guy talking about
I forgot to say this before. This guy matt adams is a hypnotist who says he can teach u how to move things within twentyfour hours. He's done a book on it and if anyone nos what the hell this guy is saying then god help me cause i don't belive him  

30 Jun 2007 @ 14:53 by Julian Riches @ : Silly fool
Dan armando u are a silly fool. Your seintific resources mean nothing in this subject. Lets look at telekinisis in a historic way. If there were no such thing as telekinisis we would not know about it. Y. Simply because it would not have happened in the past. If nothing like it would have happened in the past, then we would not know about anything related to the subject at all. It would not exist if none knew about. But we do so obviously it does exist or exists but we just can't reach it at the moment. Now lets look at it at a fictional point of veiw. All fiction is based on some fact. Have u, dan armando, read the book carrie by stepen king. I've nvr met anyone who hasen't at least heard of the book. it's about a girl who has a psycopathic mother and a horrible time at school. however she has a gift with telekinitics. She could move things with her mind. But when some of her students go to far she loses her snaity and decides to kill all the students, teachers and parents that were at her dance. She locks the doors with her power and sets the school on fire. after that she decides to destroy the entire town but her only friend sue( I think thats her name) and carrie have a telepathic talk. Carrie's outstanding telekinitic power also gives her some telepathic power. After a brief conversation carrie becomes angry and leaves to kill her mother. Her mother thinks that she is being controled by satan. Of corse that isen't true but carrie is stabbed in her shoulder by her mother. Carrie kills her mother by forcing her heart to stop beating. After a while sue finds carrie again and they have another chat. Carrie thinks that sue had lied when sue had set up a date with her boyfriend on purpose just so she could be embarresed more. However when carrie looks into her mind she finds this is not true. after a brief shock carrie succumbs to her wound and allows herself to die. Through the story brings out the bad side of telekinisis, it also proves something. Could have stepen king have thought this up with pure imagination. Maybe, storywriters usaully have good imaginations. But he would have also had to know about the type of subject. When u think about it, it leads back to one thing and that is telekinisis. So u see dan, in just a few paragraphs i have already outsmarted u. U go ahead and belive what u want but don't ruin it for other ppl just because u think it dosen't work. I personel belive that the only reason u don't belive it's true is simply because you tried it and it didn't work within the first week. If thats what u exspect then your even sillier then i thought u are. And her's something that will make sence to everybody. Telekinisis takes a while to develop. it's like beginning to learn how to read or walk when your little. It took me a month and a 1/2 to just move a can a little bit. It takes time. I know it exists throught because i saw the can move with my own eyes. I haven't been able to make it move again since then. Maybe i did something that made my power move it bafore. but there is one thing that i no that i just found out today actully. And that is command of thought. If you think of nothing else but the object that your trying to move your mind will reach out and grab ahold of that object. It's what i like calling command of thought. I will explain more about this again later but for now si a nara.

P.S. dan armando i think u should reconsider your hypothisis and actually stop bugging ppl about this. If there's anyone u shuld bug it should be me. Try to out prove it all u like i will throw back what ever u throw at me with 3x the force tuttles  

1 Jul 2007 @ 13:22 by Dan Armando @ : Julian Riches the village idiot
I am left speechless by Julian Riches idiocy. Julian Riches rambling diatribe of misspelled words and pointless allegations do not even justify a response. Go play dungeons and dragons. Make sure a dragon doesn't sneak up on you and burn your nut. HAHAHA!  

3 Jul 2007 @ 21:23 by Julian Riches @ : well look who's talking
look who's talking. Alright buddy i'm gonna get this straight. I'm fourteen years old. And if u think that because i got shaky hands and make spelling mistakes i'm gonna let u insult me like that. Not a chance buddy. If you seroiusly don't know that "you" means "u" then your kinda fucked up ok. and when i looked it over i did see a few other spelling mistakes that might of let people hanging but if u still want to hear were i found out about the command of thought say i when u message in.

Like i said dan don't go insulting ppl on this just cause they belive in something... If u can read what i said u stupid fuck  

3 Jul 2007 @ 22:08 by Dan Armando @ : Schooling the Child
I would suggest that your father or mother, or, maybe even I could, slap your filthy little brat face and beat some respect into your 14 year old little ass, put soap in your vile mouth, and get you to live in reality, instead of your made up dream world. GET IT STRAIGHT, JUST CAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN SOMETHING DOESN'T MAKE IT REAL. THERE IS NO TELEKINESIS. Wake up little boy.  

12 Jul 2007 @ 14:17 by julian riches @ : ohh he's mad now
oh no i think this guy needs his mom because he can't handle the strees of someone whos probily half the age he is. hey armandilo or whatever the fuck your name is i'm gonna stop playin smart guy and say this flat. Leave the ppl on this site alone or i'm gonna have to call your mother to stick soap in your mouth. just cause they belive in something dosen't mean u gota ruin for them. Now suck on your fathers dick, you little turd  

12 Jul 2007 @ 18:48 by Linderon Santiago @ : Mind
I believe in telekinesis and other forms of energy.. If you look at the way life on planet earth became. Everything around us is energy from water to land and sky the ozone layer is a form of energy..When we are born its energy..Beside that like mostly everyone know this day of age that we only use 10% or 13% of our brain..What about the 80% or 87% of our brain is asleep waiting to evolve..From cave men time they probably use 2% of the brain...and as time pass we now have reach 10% of the brain..Notice that it took thousands of years just for us to use now 10% of the brain..Its common sense..that we will evolve to a higher mental state but these are the steps for getting there..But as always there are people who believe and people who don't believe..(that life)
But that will not stop us for presueing that path of curiosity of the HUMAN MIND..
Keep doing your formula Flemming Funch soon people we believe...But it takes time..
(Example: Remember when people didn't believe in cars back then. They believe in riding horses...Look at us now!!!!! Making better cars and shutting up the people who didn't believe in the idea.)
Keep going on....  

13 Jul 2007 @ 14:37 by Dan Armando @ : Potential
Hi Linderon and welcome to the site, your eloquent post is very true. I certainly believe at some point in time man will be able to do many things they cannot today. Having said that, I still cannot discount the fact that in the history of man, from the beginning of time, there has NEVER been one single documented instance wherein a human displayed telekinesis. Saying you believe in unicorns doesn't exactly make them real. I think that alone speaks for itself. To the future..... :)  

24 Jul 2007 @ 21:01 by julian riches @ : SHUT UP DAN
look linderon don't listen to dan he's a little out of himself he dosen't really belive in any of the stuff that comes on this page and he's just out to bug people. dan of corse there are instances but the goverment always try to cover it up how bout u actaully prove to us that there is no such thing as telekinisis with an experiment rather then your own opinoin  

9 Aug 2007 @ 02:26 by Dan @ : The point is
Hi Julian,

This is how it works in reality. When a person asserts an allegation as being factual or real, the burden of proof than rests upon them. I simply state that there is no proof, or evidence to support the theory of telekinesis. I cannot disprove something that has never occurred, because it doesn't exist. If you want to support your allegation that you have telekinesis, take the Dr. Randi challenge. Good luck, I wish it was real, but wishing doesn't make it so.  

13 Aug 2007 @ 14:43 by Julian riches @ : Fuck reality

p.s. pardon my french ppl  

21 Aug 2007 @ 21:01 by Dan Armando @ : Rambeling Diatribe
If I may Julian, instead of frequenting web-sites such as this it may better serve you if you sought psychological treatment for your pent up anger and illogical mental state. We have something here in America called freedom of speech and expression, your unintelligible diatribe really doesn't change the fact that telekinesis does not exist and I will continue to demand proof of anyone who claims they have performed it. Stay on topic, this is not about who is right young man, it is about what is right. Telekinesis does not exist. I am trying to educate and help you, some day you will realize this.  

21 Aug 2007 @ 21:11 by Dan Armando @ : Remote Viewing
Remote viewing is an issue that the jury is still out on in my camp. It is a subject of interest to me, as telekinesis once was until after much research I concluded that is not a viable skill or ability. I am still in the process of researching RV and if anyone has any evidence that this may be a technique, strategy or ability that can be taught and learned, please let me know.

Thanks :)  

22 Aug 2007 @ 00:02 by Julian Riches @ : I live in canada
If you would stop bugging ppl on this site you wouldn't have to deal with my punt up anger and what was it illogical mental state. but i'm pretty sure that telekinisis is real and if you want me to stay on topic then i bloody will. Despite my french i've been researching telekinisis and found some evidence of it's excistence i hope i spelled that right wouldn't want to anger you dan. for excample dan how do you explane some of the metal bending that supposed telekinetics r able to do. especally those who don't need any help or arm strengh to bend the spoon explain how that happens

your sincerely julian

P.S. I live in canada and their is no such thing as freedom of speech in america bush is the problem of that  

15 Sep 2007 @ 14:23 by julian riches @ : like i thought
just what i thought u don't have an answer

punt up anger indeed i seem to be smarter then u  

30 Sep 2007 @ 02:30 by Dan Armando @ : Ignore
Look up the word ignore, and use it in a sentence than you will understand why I haven't posted anything.  

19 Oct 2007 @ 18:34 by Ahanix @ : uh
whatever, post back when you figure out pyrokinesis, then we can have some real fun.  

25 Oct 2007 @ 23:38 by Dan Armando @ : Interest
When you provide something of value to stimulate my interest on pyrokinesis, if it even exists, than I will invest my time.  

3 Jan 2008 @ 17:36 by Vlad @ : How can i learn telekinesis
If you can help me to learn telekinesis please send me an email with the lesson  

3 Jan 2008 @ 17:39 by Vlad @ : The e-mail

3 Jan 2008 @ 18:53 by mortimer : lesson one is....
self empowerment.

ming, you bent a spoon? hehe!


8 Jan 2009 @ 16:22 by Paul @ : BA and Mental Patient
Have interest in Telekinesis. When in hospital moved foam cup,had body aura
extending out about 2.5cm when moved hand in direction it was repelled.
Unable as of yet to repeat it but have over past nine years developed meditation
system,of which I'm still working on and improveing. Perhaps massive Chi auras
now if it's the the right name, for instance could just as easily be orgone
but call it what ever. I myself tend to refer to the energy as Imaginary Real
but that is my preferance.  

12 Jan 2009 @ 13:45 by Paul @ : Electron possible energy sourse for TK.
Interesting to note with regard the electron and its charge. According to an
American Physicist,whoses name presently escapes me noted that since the charge
is negative it is put into E=MCsquared equation as part of a complex number then
if the energy is represented as a modulus then it would be imaginary at least in
number terms but it would contain a very large amount of energy that can't be
accessed since it imaginary. It makes one think though if you're mind has
the ability to imagine perhaps it can access it.


22 Apr 2010 @ 23:53 by dan @ : telekinesis
Hi everyone, it has been along time, I see nobody has provided evidence of telekinesis, oh well I'll check back in in another few years.  

22 Aug 2011 @ 23:19 by Dan Armando @ : Telekinesis
Well, well, still nobody has taken the amazing Randy challenege, and no evidence of telekinesis. Se you in another year!  

2 May 2012 @ 21:49 by Dan Armando @ : No Telekinesis
Time flies, but telekinesis certainly does not...  

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