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 Zootbotblog2003-06-17 19:45
by Flemming Funch

George Dafermos mentions Jo Walsh's zoolbotblog. As he says: "She's a fantastic Semantic Web hacker and visionary software artist from London... Her blog, although it doesn't allow comments and has no permalinks and trackbacks, is solid rock in terms of passion, energy, insight and mind-altering semantic substances. If you wish to delve more deeply into the controversial subject of Jo's distributed information flows, you'd better start reading now." And he's right. I love it. Not for everybody, but as far as I'm concerned, any techie who writes like this has my ear:
i was seeing patterns on every surface where the chaotic and the random co- existed. i was seeing patterns in data sets, in text scrolling down a screen, in my own data stream.

this morning i walked in a circle to cross the road, asking people if they knew where i was going. i asked for a cup of tea like arthur dent and eventually was shown that all the things i needed to make one apart from water in a cup, were on the table i was sitting at. then i met a man who looked and dressed and talked like me, and i gave him an orange, and he did the learned social gesture of trying to refuse it, and i said, 'it's not important that you want it, but it's important that you have it' and he turned the orange around in his hand as i started to explain what i can see. and after a little while he started and said 'can i eat the orange?' and i said yes, and i watched him eat the orange.
he described this generic web middleware system that he's architected, and i described the object that i'm trying to build. then he quite suddenly got up and said, 'we have to...' and i was taken to another desk where a guy has on his screen, something that exactly represents what i have on mine. i forgot protocol for a moment. [he said,yesterday i was behind you in the queue at albert heijn. then, i had been talking about queuing theory with a friend] we found my perl object where i'd mailed it to myself and mailed it to him twice. then i had to leave, stopping only to say goodbye to my project manager, the person who told me that i should be eating oranges.
i think i can see why.
i feel like everything has changed and everything is the same.
i think i can understand everything if i try.
She's apparently working on some semantic mapping projects that sound very intriguing.

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18 Jun 2003 @ 04:10 by waalstraat : Am I right
It's a nice map for consciousess process minus its holograph quality!  

18 Jun 2003 @ 06:58 by George Dafermos @ : fantastic indeed
Yeah, she can definitely write. and she knows her shit, too. If you make it to the Chaos communication Camp this august in berlin, she's gonna be there too. intriguing projects is the least you can say about her work:-)  

10 Jul 2003 @ 14:29 by Seb @ : Wow
Thanks for the link!  

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