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 A Blogger's Big-Fish Fantasy2003-06-18 23:48
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by Flemming Funch

In New York Times, an article about how a normal blogger can get their weblog more widely read. It is very basic stuff, but should be helpful to anybody who's looking for a bit more exposure.
"I don't sit in front of my computer all day thinking about what I'm going to do to get more readers," said Elizabeth Thielke, a mother of three in Nashville, who writes The Busy Mom Blog... "But at the same time, people who say they don't care whether anyone reads it are probably lying."

But Susan Mernit, a blogger in San Francisco, is actively trying to increase her readership from its current average of about 50 visitors a day. "I value hits highly," said Ms. Mernit, a consultant for nonprofit organizations and a former vice president for programming at America Online. "I'd like to see my traffic increase by 10 readers a month."
I've done the same things they mention and it all works. Of course, being mentioned in the New York times will certainly give some more readers too.

What works is basically to post good stuff, and add some basic honest networking. If you link to good things and post interesting information, and you speak (write) in a voice people can stand listening to, that is most of it. And then paying attention to other weblogs, and to all the sites that index weblogs. And, yes, giving somebody like Doc Searls a reason to link to you helps too.

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1 comment

19 Jun 2003 @ 23:08 by ming : Linking
So, what effect does a mention in the New York Times actually have on one's number of visitors? The answer is {link:http://doc.weblogs.com/stats/referers|here}. It is Doc Searls' referrer log. As of right now he's gotten 137 visitors from that article. Which isn't particularly impressive. Of course it is better than the 5 visitors he got from my mention right here, according to the same log.  

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