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 Multiple Dimensions2003-06-19 22:48
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Via mamamusings, this overview of multiple dimensions by Elouise Oyzon, meant for discusion on a radio show. Those are the same models described in the article I mentioned here, but presented more simply.
Suppose we start with the simple assumption that space and time are infinite.

Given some unlikely event- say that the proverbial roomful of monkeys banging away at a typewriter have a slim chance of typing out Romeo and Juliet…still with all of that infinite space and time in which to bang, it could happen. In fact, it does happen.

Slim chances are still chances.

Given all the time and space in the universe, a million to one shot will eventually shoot.

This is the basis for multiple dimensions. There are, in fact, 4 different flavors of multiple dimensions.

Flavor one: Scientists have theorized that somewhere, in this physical universe, out there is an earth just like this one, surrounded by eight planets, just like this one, and that on it is a you, just like this one. But that you may at this moment be turning off the radio and opting to do something else, while you, curious creature that you are, await the end of this story.

The reason you don’t see this parallel universe, is that it’s tremendously far away. There are millions of permutations, each far far away. So the chances of you running into your doppelganger is nil. (But then again, what did we say about chances?)

That’s flavor 1 – infinite space, parallel universes all in one.

Flavor 2 – has infinite space and infinitely varied time, and perhaps changeable physics. This theory says, okay, Bang! The universe begins to expand. But like eddys in water, there might be hot and cold spots. If the universe all expanded uniformly, time/space has a shot at uniformity too…but with this notion of eddys- actually “postinflation bubbles’, time would behave differently. (Remember discussions about the speed of light and relative time- well there you go!) In these bubbles, the initial conditions of the parallel universes, the very primordial soups, would be different. So not only do we have parallel universes, we have totally different pockets of alien physics. Maybe your doppelganger breathes methane and eats acid, has tentacles and does a mean eight-legged tango.

Flavor 3 – I do so want to explain this clearly to you, but I cannot because it assumes an understanding of quantum physics which I’ve been trying to wrap my head around now for 20 years. Shroedinger’s cat? The notion that thing are happening infinitely in the here and now, but that existence is based upon what you’ve observed, but that it does not necessarily connote the only reality – ow. It just hurts. It makes my head hurt. So that said- flavor 3, multidimensions, right here. Same spatial plane somewhere you can’t see. There. Listen to Adam Frank- he’ll explain it better.

Flavor 4 is entirely theoretical. We live in a world of 4 dimensions- the three dimensions of x, y, and z to locate position, and the fourth dimension of time. That can be represented mathematically. Some scientists posit that any mathematical formula represents some reality. Infinite variations on formulas suggest multiple dimensions beyond our puny 4 dimensional imaginings.

So there are Multiple dimensions.--lots of them.

I’d like think that in some alternate dimension, during my sophomore year of high school, I’d had a clue that Mike Simpson had asked me on a date – and that alternate me went. Or that several other times in the sad and promiscuous 80’s I’d said “no” more often to several other guys- and you can guess who you are.

It is an intriguing notion.

Still, My hope is that there are many different varied happy endings for us all.

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20 Jun 2003 @ 09:08 by sindy : *the void system*
Such things do exist, but its up to us to open that door, this door is better known as Belief *wink*  

5 Nov 2003 @ 10:37 by indiana jones @ : this
incredible. Maybe there is another me across the universe saying "horrible"
I know that there is this huge lab somewhere in Kentucky which is experimenting with hydrogen atoms. They have created a 4-mile tube which encompases the lab. In this tube, hundreds of these atoms are fired into both ends and the atoms speed around at incredible speeds until they hit eachother. They have managed to get plenty of them to hit, and this doesnt really prove anything. But they have also managed to get them to smack head-on. This is the amazing part; the atoms that smack head-on burst and turn into something else releasing a GRAVITRON. For some unknown reason, this gravitron cannot be found because(and this is just theory) the gravitron slips into another dimmension. The experiment fits in with the string theory.
On the other side of the planet in switzerland, scientists are building an even bigger tube that can speed up the atoms or electrons,protons, nuetrons--at an even higher speed and will be able to detect any new elements that touch the bottom of the tube. In the other tube, most of the atom's electrons would seep into the earth because the reaction between the headon collisions of the atoms actually created a much hightened state of gravitational pull between the earth. (why didnt they put thicker lead walls?)
For more info please go to Nova, they can probably explain it better than i did and may correct any mistakes of mine.  

18 May 2007 @ 02:48 by Simon @ : We can see parallel worlds or multi-dime
People who have experienced near-death experience (NDE) can see & hear each & every event of their past, collectively ( in a mutiple & yet collective views, more like many TVs display different event at the same time & yet the viewer can perceive all without missing one single TV ). Could the NDE people see the parallel worlds or in different dimensions? I believe normal people cannot see
the the parallel worlds because all are mere illusions which itself has no limit in dimensions. Our mind which is where we perceive, logic, understand are contrained by our 4 dimensional world & it does not matter how far science can go, it still lies within our mind, our logic & thinking. If we do break through our mind, pre-set & pre-conditioned by our 4 dimensions ( in fact is another illusion by itself ), we can see the other dimensions and not by any physical law which itself is an illusion as we live in & belief it to be true.
Hence physic, law, science or whatever you can call it, has a limitation itself because eventially it originates from your mind, including instrument you use in our research. If you wish to understand and see other parallel worlds or dimensions, look into the mind whichg is the true origin of everything of everything, including unlimited parallel worlds & dimensions. To see the parallel world or multi-dimensions, science should approach from inside out & not looking from outside in, the "in" means the origin of the mind, breaking through mind means breaking through time & space ( dimensions ) & there you are we are in the parallel world, here means everywhere, now means past,now & future, al in one & yet all in all are illusions. So I belief we can see parallel worlds same as many people who practise mind breaking, he who sees the other parallel worlds, like the NDE people.  

31 Jan 2008 @ 01:43 by Scott McNeill @ : Multiple Dimensional Artwork
I am a professional artist and created my first multiple dimensional artwork in late 1996. For the last 12 years I have been perfecting the composition and esthetic principles of multiple-dimensional presentation.

See the work at www.ScottMcNeillArt.com  

1 Mar 2008 @ 07:53 by John Do @ : Multi Dimension
Having consumed LSD I proceeded to use a device created to produce the right alpha waves in the mind to induce e meditative state It uses sound and light diodes flickering on the eyes. I went inside my own mind, Geometric shapes like a being a bubble appeared. I then went into different scenarios, images of the real world morphing. It is impossible to describe.

To the person looking at me, I was just resting there. But in my mind i was in another dimension.

I feel dimensions are perceptions. I guess with the right tools we could create any reality in our mind. Forget about the matrix. The key is inside our own heads. I could have been on another world for all I knew. The feeling was the same. It is no different to my memories of travelling to holiday destinations. I still look back on that experience with the same fondness, as me riding a motor bike through the Indian Himalayas. I know those Mountains exist because i went there. My eyes my senses experienced. No different to switching off my senses and allowing my mind to detach from the dimension as we know it.  

2 Jun 2010 @ 19:02 by Sinan Abdal @ : wow
WOW, my cousins first told me about this theory in 2009 when I was 24. I totally thought they were out of their mind. I an't believe there's actually scientific equations and theories etc etc over this subject. I won't say I believe it just yet but I suppose I will research more. I have to say this though. The reason why I would research this matter is that, call me weird if you like but I believe there is something that is holding me back or more like. I feel like I need to learn or be able to do something to actually be able to show my full performance in life. Whether it's love, decision making, etc etc. I have very strong sixth sense. I don't know some times I feel as though I'm missing something. and no I am not a mentally weak person that is looking for an idol. I am a 25 year old person who believes he has much more potential like I wrote earlier. Maybe I might find something on this parallel universe ideology:))))
Good day to you all.  

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