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 Open Courseware2003-10-02 14:53
by Flemming Funch

MIT has made a wealth of educational materials freely available over the Internet. Lecture notes, syllabi, and exams to provide a 'free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world'.
"With the publication of 500 courses, MIT is delivering on the promise of OpenCourseWare that we made in 2001. We are thrilled that educators, students, and self-learners from all parts of the globe tell us that MIT OCW is having an impact on education and learning. We hope that in sharing MIT’s course materials, and our experience thus far with MIT OCW, we will inspire other institutions to openly share their course materials, creating a worldwide web of knowledge that will benefit mankind." - Charles M. Vest, President of MIT
Bravo! There's no good reason why all serious educational materials shouldn't be freely available.

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2 Oct 2003 @ 18:45 by jmarc : This sounds exciting
is there a URL for this?  

3 Oct 2003 @ 05:19 by ming : URL
Oh, I'm sorry, I meant to include it. Yes, that's the one I looked at too. I added it now.  

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