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 Accidental Authority2003-10-20 10:30
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by Flemming Funch

By the magic of google ranking I've somewhat unfairly become a leading authority on a bunch of strange subjects. Like "ebay scams", "computer troubles", "ganguro girls", "euros dollars & oil" and "nestle corporation". Oh, many other things too, but those are some that lead lots of people here to certain articles in my weblog. And sometimes I think that is surversively enjoyable. I mean, that my brief mention of a couple of skeletons in Nestle's corporate closet will actually show as well as Nestle's own websites is absolutely delightful. But I think there probably are better places for people to go to talk about ebay scams and their various computer troubles than my personal accounts of the same. But I feel a bit of responsibility, and am wondering whether I should go and place some more comprehensive information and links on those pages that people seem to be flocking to.

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1 comment

24 Oct 2003 @ 19:42 by spiritseek : I suppose...
when you write an article you have a responsibility to the reader to make it well rounded and assessable for locating more info.  

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