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 Window on the World2003-10-21 09:54
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From Ananova via SmartMobs:
A window between cities that allows people hundreds or even thousands of miles apart to meet and talk could make its debut in Britain next year.

Tholos, named after a type of circular ancient Greek temple, consists of a large round screen nearly 10ft high and 23ft wide.

Its designers hope to see one of the first two in the world become a new tourist attraction in the centre of London.

The London Tholos would be linked to an identical one in Vienna. Through them, people in both cities will be able to see and hear each other in real time.

The cylindrical structure contains technology that simultaneously transmits and receives high definition live moving images.

People standing in front of London's Tholos would see a wrap-around picture of the scene in Vienna. At the same time, a similar London image is displayed in the Austrian capital.

Citizens in both countries would be able to face each other and talk via an array of directional microphones and loudspeakers, which keep conversations private.

Effectively, it is like meeting up in the town square - except that you might be on different continents.
Very, very cool. Let's get one in Baghdad and Tel Aviv and Addis Ababa and every city in the world. Only annoying part is that it is financed by advertising. So, 13% of the time you'll apparently have your conversation interrupted by ads. But I guess one could get used to that.

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1 comment

31 Oct 2003 @ 06:39 by birgit funch @ : Awesome!
What an amazing concept make people more real to each other and communicate with an immediacy even if it may be silly stuff by kids and then young ones. Perhaps lovers might meet here for the first time?! And people can talk about what they really saw at events in their city.  

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