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The Holographic Universe

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 The Holographic Universe2003-11-03 13:27
by Flemming Funch

I don't really understand a word of this article in Scientific American. But it seems that a reknowned theoretical physicist is suggesting that the universe is a 3-4 dimensional hologram created from a 2 dimensional array of information. In part because, surprisingly, a 2D surface can contain more information than a 3D construct, as the latter would collapse by its own mass into a black hole at some point. Which is all certainly an intriguing idea. You know, a hologram is created by shining light on a special piece of film, and a 3D picture is created. So, as to the universe, it would mean that what we see and walk around in is an illusion generated from light and information. Which of course makes it seem kind of likely that we can generate something a little or a lot different by changing the information a bit.

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4 Nov 2003 @ 19:44 by Evan V. @ : hologram
If this world is a hologram, it would mean the data would be somewhere removed from us, which would mean we could not manipulate or move our surrounding, which isnt the case.Also a 3d construct wouldnt collapse if it was 99.9999% emtpy space leaving only .0001 true mass and the rest energy which supports this mass(atomic particles) which is what our atomic structure consists of. I could be wrong but I havent imploded yet !  

5 Nov 2003 @ 06:59 by ming : Holographers
Hm, you're right. Maybe we're the holograms? Or the light? Or the empty space? Or the programmers? Anyway, it is good to stimulate some different views once in a while.  

9 Nov 2003 @ 08:10 by Christopher @ : It's Most All Space Anyway
Strangely enough if you trace the creation process, light slowed down becomes sound and sound lowed down becomes perceived matter - and yet in form, there is only ‘a perceived’ 2% real stuff and thus 98% space (between of course of the electrons and protons) - so holographic perceptions we are, dancing as a manifestation of white light slowed down enough so we can catch a perceptive glimpse of it.

In color science and the art of its reproduction (you know on packages and stuff) they use a theory call subtractive color - where printing with 3 inks containing pigments (micro-light-filters) of yellow, magenta, and cyan - to absorb (subtract) the light spectrums of red, green and blues - we can reverse-engineer most any color known. Yet the fascinating thing is when you combine these three colors of light together (Red, Green and Blue) most folks are very surprised to fine you actually get color in it beginning form, which is "white".

These little tid-bits of facts are mentioned only because while we perceive that there is colors - actually there isn't! It's only our perception - it's actually all light.

This then brings us back to the hologram light that we are - with mostly space in-between. Thus I’d say we are 100% light in the end – holographed into a matrix of form we can call most anything.

So I would guess we could say that the distance needed to travel in order to be fully who we are is only 2%…the rest is only air.  

22 Jun 2004 @ 14:47 by JRD @ : ha ha
Light and sound are transverse waves. Matter is not any type of wave.
There have been numerous experiments with slowing down light, during a noteable one at MIT they slowed down light enough that a human could ride a bike faster than the "trapped" light. Sorry to burst your bubble, but matter is not made of slowed down light? what do you think happens to the light that is slowed down? does it stay slow forever? no. Light travels at diffirent speeds, through diffierent mediums. so, once it goes back "to" air it instantly speeds back up. This is not to say light needs a medium to propogate through. Just look at space. nothing rigth? light still travels through a vacume (space). The article had to do with the ammount of data that can be stored in a given medium, and a black hole is the densest medium known today. Scientists have figured out how much a black hole contains by mesuring (for lack of a better word) it's surface. Thus the black hole has, made manifest all of it's three demensional data in two demensions. The article explores, how much surface area it would take to manifest the whole universe in two demensions. blah, blah blah, you get what i'm saying...right?  

21 Apr 2016 @ 09:39 by Tilly @ : gDqSGnfISVedgRIaH
Kngloedwe wants to be free, just like these articles!  

21 Apr 2016 @ 19:25 by Githa @ : EDQKEAPkAErsTHf
Going to put this artlcie to good use now.  

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