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 Innovation Futures2003-11-10 16:43
by Flemming Funch

MIT Technology Review has introduced an experiment and game called "Innovation Futures". It is like a stock market where one can bet on the futures of all sorts of events, and you can buy and sell contracts. The events are real, but the money is not. However, the people who're most successful in the game will win some nice prices.

This is rather intriguing. Might something like this possibly be meaningful as a democratic mechanism? You know, if the game will reveal how much faith we have in various future scenarios, and who's the best at predicting which scenarios actually come to pass - does that not translate into something we can use to organize society by? Wouldn't the best leaders by those who are most in synch with public sentiments? I'm not sure if there's a correlation. After all, the 'real' stock market will rather reward those who can predict public mis-conceptions and profit from them, without much regard to the final outcomes.

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13 Nov 2003 @ 08:01 by charper : Virtual Voting On The Internet
Flemming...while I haven't seen this site, I certainly like the concept. Let's create "voting program" on the web, highly secure, that will provide folks from all walks of life the ability to vote over the internet. While the technology is here to do that, politians would never go here for fear of loosing control.

However is something was just built...and show "virtual elections" over the internet for folks all over the world...the results would be most interesting.... It's coming...the only questions is when?  

30 Apr 2016 @ 01:13 by Trisha @ : PtYjwIxlBIMvTrVlJs
I wish lelrtgasois could see this, AND believe it because as a teacher (Some time ago sadly) I felt as many do now - that we aren't valued, and have never been. We're simply numbers too be crunched and eliminated.  

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