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 Urban Tapestries2003-11-25 10:11
picture by Flemming Funch

Via Smart Mobs, news about Urban Tapestries, which is an experimental project for understanding the social and cultural implications of location-based mobile communications. They have developed a mechanism by which individuals can virtually annotate the urban landscape with personal stories and commentary.
  • Imagine building your own location-based game, such as a treasure hunt or a spy game.
  • Imagine creating a thread of local resources that would be useful or important to you if you lived in this area. For instance specialist food shops, bookstores, places to learn new things, exercise classes, social services, free concerts and films, public toilets and local dumps.
  • Imagine creating your own story woven through the area. For instance a romance or crime story, science fiction or horror (English country pursuits)!
  • Imagine annotating places for local activist campaigns or issues. For instance local pollution and the environment, building developments and regeneration, globalisation and local transport.
  • Imagine creating your own personal map of Bloomsbury. For instance quiet places to sit, favourite parks, family histories, unhappy memories and bad smells!
  • They are launching a public trial in London in December.

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