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 Body Repair Kit2003-12-01 15:27
by Flemming Funch

New Scientist reports that a small British company, TriStem, seems to have found a way of turning human white blood cells into a "stem-cell-like" state, which then allows them to be used by the body to repair and rebuild all sorts of problems in the human body. Which, if true, would create a revolution in the field of medicine. Traditional scientists are sceptical, because the research hasn't been presented through the normal channels, and the people in charge of it don't have quite the right credentials.

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19 Dec 2014 @ 22:13 by Deloris @ : HUafZhgHDK
Is it betetr to Is it betetr to call a? collection agency or to send a written correspondence? I am in the middle of credit repair and I am very apprehensive about talking to them on the phone because there is no paper trail or proof they settled for x amount of money.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 18:04 by Israel @ : csfIuOoefqe
So sad to see you go, Sir Ming. I am one of the most faihtful of the Party faihtful and I am so ashamed of some of our MPs, led by the media to give way to ageism. What a bunch of back-stabbers we have!Please continue to give us the benefit of your wisdom and experience, particulalry on defence and foreign affairs where we most need principled politicians (if that's not an oxymoron). I wouldn't mind betting that once the furore has died down you will again be in demand by the media for your informed and intelligent comment.  

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