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 Mars2004-01-14 03:00
picture by Flemming Funch

The pictures from Mars are pretty damn cool. Particularly the 360 degree QTVR version. Just like being there, I suppose. Seems to be lots of things to explore. As far as red rocks go. One of the ones lying just in front of the lander looks almost artificially angled to me. Would be fun if they had landed on top of an old ruin.

I'm a bit skeptical about Mars. Meaning, I'm not sure I believe this is the most advanced space program. Maybe the most advanced that NASA is carrying out, and hats off to this success for them. But my guess is that there are more hidden groups with considerably more advanced technology, and that they've already been there. And quite possibly made sure that the public program only lands in a place where there's nothing embarrassingly strange within sight.

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14 Jan 2004 @ 03:42 by istvan : The face on Mars?
Of all the conspiracy theories we are faced with these days, it is easy to suspect that there is something “fishy” about this trip. There are many brilliant people involved with this venture, so I tend to believe they may be sincere. It is possible though, that at this time it is another diversionary tactic for the administration for diverting attention from other problems.  

15 Jan 2004 @ 21:01 by JOn Husband @ : Webcam ??
I want a real webcam up there, so that I can see the snow conditions and which runs are groomed, or what the Martians do when they go to bed or hang out in the bathroom.

You'd think NASA would have installed a web-cam - they only cost about $29 ;-)  

16 Jan 2004 @ 04:10 by ming : MarsCam
Yeah, but they need the phone company to install a DSL line, and they're mumbling something about it being too far to the central office. One can't get proper service anymore.

And I want a cam that rotates really quickly and unexpectedly. To catch the little green martians standing behind the camera sticking their tongue out.  

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