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 Scandinavian satellite TV2004-02-22 17:56
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I explored what might be available for us in terms of possibilities of catching Danish TV by satellite, and since it was a little hard to figure out, I've better record here what I found so others can find it.

There was already a little satellite parabola on the house here. So, in principle you just add a decoder. And we connected a cheap digital decoder for free channels. The antenna appeared to be pointed to the Astra satellite. Which right away provided 52 channels, of which a handful are encrypted so we can't see them, and of which one is in French, one is German news in English, and the rest are German channels. Which certainly expands the selection, but it isn't what we most would want. We could probably adjust it a bit to point to the Hot Bird satellite, which would give a somewhat different selection. Beyond that I start getting really confused about what's really available.

But what we would really most like is Danish TV. Which is a rather different story. If we had a 2M or so parabola we could receive Danish Canal Digital pay packages on the Thor II satellite. Which would be a huge antenna.

But there have on and off been other possibilities, as least for the main state-run Danish TV channels. Transmissions had been stopped for a while because there were few paying subscribers in southern Europe, and because the signal was widely pirated. The situation was in part remedied by networking and lobbying by Radio Solymar which is a focal point for Scandinavian residents particularly in Southern Spain. There's a lot more Scandinavians there than for example here in the south of France. Anyway, they persuaded DR (Denmark's Radio) to put the signal up again. So, it can be received at the Intelsat 707 satellite on spot 2. Which for us in Toulouse would mean a 80cm parabola. Still bigger than what we have, but certainly a lot more possible. But it isn't free. DR charges 284 euro per year for the subscription. And the broadcast is encrypted so one needs a decoder with the proper CONAX encryption module. Radio Solymar sells a decoder pre-configured for 369 euro. Which is pretty much also the price range for other decoders that can handle the encryption.

But it should soon get easier and better, although probably not cheaper. In the third quarter of 2004 the Telenor satellite company will be switching their services from the about-to-be-junked Intelsat 707 to the fancy new Intelsat 10-02 satellite. Broadcast area for spot 1 is here. Which puts most of Europe inside the sweet spot. Meaning that even a little parabola like ours will do fine. And Telenor has made a point of keeping the DR broadcast even if they might not make much money on it. But hopefully they'll show something else worth watching as well.

Well, it is not that Danish TV is that fantastic. I mean, "Who wants to be a millionaire?" isn't better in Danish than in German or French. But there are certain things we just have a nostalgic joy in watching. Actual Danish series like "Rejseholdet" or "Krøniken", or little entertainment quiz shows with celebrities we still remember. My mom is sending tapes once in a while, which is great, but it would of course be nicer to be able to just turn it on.

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8 Jun 2004 @ 02:43 by Tony B. @ : Trying to find DK TV in the USA
Does anyone know how to get Danish SAT TV in the USA? (Miami Beach, Florida)
The people who work at the local SAT TV companies are either dumb or just don't care.
My wife is Danish and I would like to give her a subscription for her birthday.
Please help !!!!  

8 Jun 2004 @ 17:22 by ming : DK TV
I'm certainly no expert, but I think that'll be very hard at this point. The satellites that carry Danish TV have Europe as their target area. It probably wouldn't be impossible catching them in Florida, but maybe with a 5 meter dish, or similar monstrosity. I believe I've heard of somebody in Florida doing it, but I can't find it now.

The Intelsat 10-02 should go up next week, hopefully, with a much better coverage area, but again nothing that mentions reaching Florida.

It would all be much simpler if one of the satellites targeting North America would carry some Danish channels. Or some cable network. Some of them carry other European channels. It would be easy enough, but it doesn't seem like anybody's doing it.  

27 Jul 2004 @ 23:47 by Tony B. @ : Danish TV
Thanks for the reply, I don't come to your site often, but I do check it out.
What do you mean about the new Intelsat 10-02 which should be up by now?
I've contacted almost all the sat companies in the area and they hire morons to work for them.
For example, I ask for information such as: "do you have any Danish channels?"
they answer, "Yes, we have some German and French Channels." I say, "No, just Danish", then the run around begins, they put me through to their supervisor or some other numbnuts who in turns tries to sell me a subscription.
I tell them that no thank you, that my brother who works for the local cable company and lives with me gets almost full free cable as part of his compensation package, but they insist on selling me a subscription anyway.
Anyway! I just want to figure out how to hook on to some "bird" or what ever the lingo is and just start watching some of that Danish stuff.
I have a satellite and reciever that takes a smart card, but I don't know how to program the card or anything.
So again Ming or anyone out there who knows, please help me!
Tony B.  

28 Jul 2004 @ 19:51 by ming : Intelsat 10-02
The new satellite is up. Should become active in the middle of August. And it covers parts of North America for some of its services. But doesn't look like the Danish TV will be in that category. Anyway, some info {link:http://www.telenorsbc.com/index.jsp?namID=TPN_200_206|here}. Or see my entry {nl:000010-001290|here}.  

26 Sep 2004 @ 15:42 by msforce @ : Dansk TV
I also have a wife and Two children who are Danes.You are right Satelite companies dont really give two hoots.I have been searching for a way to pick up a signal for about a year.If you ever hear of anything PLEASE let me know.Until then the search goes on.  

6 Nov 2004 @ 17:40 by Carsten @ : Danish / Dansk TV
I live in Edmonton Canada, and do not think we will ever get any sattelite signals from Denmark. Better turn your attention to the internet. The state run broadcasting company DR (Danmarks Radio) stream many of their shows, and have a great site for children as well. You can choose from a number of live radio streams, or watch the latest TV news casts.  

6 Nov 2004 @ 17:41 by Carsten @ : Danish / Dansk TV
Oh yes, if you wonder where you can find it:


20 Dec 2004 @ 05:21 by Fillhelm @ : New Jersey and Norwegian Channels
Ming, I live in New Jersey Just outside of New York City. Do you think I would be able to gain access to the Intelsat 10-02 here with a modest sized parabolic, and does the new satellite have Norwegians channels if you know?  

25 Feb 2005 @ 14:56 by BillGroene @ : Danish Satellite
Yes, Ming. Yet another American married to a Dane who is desperate for Danish TV. Any luck finding a solution yet? I was wondering if there is a course I could take to educate myself on the workings of satellites? I know it is ALOT more difficult than simply taking a few courses to learn the mechanics of it all, but maybe if I learned what was needed and how it functioned I could get something set up for Danes living in America. No promises by any means, but the Danish-American community here in the states obviously needs some type of touch with home (besides watching it on an internet connection which is prone to cutting out). Any suggestions?  

25 Feb 2005 @ 18:04 by Pia Groene @ : Danish tv.
I`m a Dane living in USA and like a lot of other Danes living abroad we crave for some kind of connection to our country. I`m subscribing to something called "Sputnik" over the internet and the website address is: www.sputnik.dk. It cost 500,00 Danish Kroner per year and you can watch certain Danish program. It`s better than nothing and it gives me great pleasure to watch it. Remember that the screen solution has to be 1024 x 768 pixels to get the best result. Please don`t hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions: piagroene@hotmail.com  

26 Feb 2005 @ 01:30 by ming : Danish TV
I am a lot less in touch with the US situation now, after I moved from L.A. to the south of France. But just to give you an idea of how it works here... There's a lot of Danish people living in the south of Europe, and considerable demand for being able to watch Danish TV. So, they offer it on that Intelsat10-02 satellite. They offer nothing but the DR TV1 and 2, and it is for a cost which is about the same as the TV licence in Denmark. I.e. more than $300 per year. But even then it sounds like it is not really profitable for them. They do it kind of to be nice, because it is a good thing, even if it doesn't quite add up for them economically. Anyway, that new satellite, which was sent up in the fall of 2004, has a much wider coverage, over practically all of Europe, with normal small dishes, so it is probably looking better for them now, as more people can receive it. But also they've been trying to fight against that people share the signal, so they don't get quite as many subscribers as they'd like. Anyway, for the US, I'm sure the Danish population is much more spread out, so most likely they'd not want to rent satellite signal just for that. So, I'd guess the most realistic thing to hope for is some kind of Internet solution that would pass on the signals. Would be very easy and cheap for them to do so, but I suppose they're even more worried about people pirating it then.

Hej Pia. Ja vi kan jo også godt tale dansk, men så kan de andre vel ikke forstå det.

Sputnik.com looked great until I realized it only works in Internet Explorer on Windows. That sucks that they can't just make a standard solution. Otherwise I'd have signed up right away.  

26 Feb 2005 @ 22:24 by Pia Groene @ : Dansk tv (Sputnik)
Hej Flemming. Ærgeligt mht. Sputnik at det kun virker på Internet Explorer i Windows. Jeg er ikke noget computer geni, så jeg er ikke lige helt sikker på hvad det betyder, men men men det var da en mulighed for de mænd hvis koner er Danske, så kunne de også forstå det når jeg skrev det på Engelsk. Anyhu, er lige flyttet fra Tyskland til USA og der abonnerede jeg på Canal Digital. Det gik igennem min mormor, som bor i DK, da man jo ikke må tage kortet til recieveren med ud af DK, (den købte jeg under en ferie i DK i en radio/tv forretning) men så må man jo bare være lidt kreativ. ;o) Kan godt se, at det er lidt mere speget at kunne se Dansk tv herovre i USA, men min mand ville bare så gerne gøre mig glad og finde ud af et eller andet. Jeg nøjes så med www.sputnik.dk, som er programmer fra TV2 og TV Zulu. Bedre end ingenting.
PS. Hvad laver du i Frankrig? Hold dig munter. :o)  

27 Feb 2005 @ 22:02 by ming : TV
Ja, jeg tænkte også på om jeg bare kunne købe et Canal Digital kort i Danmark og tage det med her ned. Men den satelit der har det når vist ikke herned. Ellers vil det absolute gøre det for mig. Vi ville jo også gerne se de andre kanaler end DR TV1 og 2. Nå men det er da godt der er den sputnik, ellers varer det nok lidt længe førend dansk tv havner i USA.

Jeg laver såmænd det samme her som da jeg var i USA, som er forskelligt computer arbejde over nettet. Programmering, servere, osv. Så det betyder ikke rigtig noget hvor jeg bor. Og efter 18 år i Los Angeles var det ligesom interessant at prøve noget andet, og blive lidt mere fortrolig med Europa igen. Og vi valgte Frankrig og Toulouse temmelig ud af det blå, da det så ud til at være et rart sted, og at det kunne være sjovt at lære at tale fransk.  

12 Jun 2005 @ 00:41 by Guest @ : svar: Dansk TV
TDC (a.k.a Teledanmark)a major telecom and cable provider in Denmark will soon(July 05 I think) be launching a TV-over-IP service, which will include DR1,DR2,TV2,Zulu,SVT1,SVT2,TV4,NRK, Norge 2, and a few others. If you know somebody with a fast connection in Denmark, you could stream it directly to your computer wherever on earth you might be... Will require the danish server to be online 24/7 of course, but if you can get some people together on this it'll be as cheap as chips.  

2 Aug 2005 @ 18:24 by Narbonne - Frankrig @ : Dansk eller engelsk tv
hej, vi har lige flyttet til narbonne i sydfrankrig. da vi købte huset var der 3 små paraboler og vi har lige overtaget en mere + reciver fra vores naboer (astra). vi vil så gerne se lidt tv dansk eller/og engelsk, men vi har ikke så meget forstand på det. hva kan vi gøre og hvor kan vi læse mere om det? mvh Danskerne i Bages/Narbonne skriv venligst en e-mail på lonebeth@wanadoo.fr  

6 Sep 2005 @ 22:52 by SERGIO FRANCHI @ : danish TV
could you, please, advise on the best way to receive Danish TV satellite in Central Italy.
Dr. Sergio Franchi  

24 Oct 2005 @ 13:47 by fjolnir mar baldursson @ : canal+
I like to see canal+ and DR her on Iceland I have sat and conax 4.00 cam
but I neet the card I like to get one .If you are going to se it you can go on skrifa.com there are good info over what you can see.  

21 Nov 2005 @ 19:21 by stina - germany @ : danish tv
Hi all,

canal digital which is sending the danish and norwigian programms via thor 2/3 is making the live of all danes living a broad very difficult. Since few month it`s not enought to have a receiver + conax modul CI + smartcard from canaldigital (if you now any danes paying license fee in denmark, they can provide you with a smart card for DR1 and DR2 for free). The smartcards does only work if you have a receiver which is legalized by canaldigital. On their webside www.canaldigital.dk you can see which receivers (godkendte satboxe)are legalized by canaldigital. They know how to make money.
Bad news!!!! :(:(:(  

22 Nov 2005 @ 15:24 by ming : Radio Sylomar
And there are a lot of places you can't get the Thor satellites anyway, or did that change? Anyway, for the official way of getting Danish TV, look at {link:http://www.drsydeuropa.com/control|Radio Sylomar}. It is only the DR channels, but one can get them in pracically all of Europe, on Intelsat 10-02. Costs about the same as a Danish TV license, though. Plus the receiver.  

6 Dec 2005 @ 14:18 by mike @ : Danish TV in the UK
Does anyone have an experience of getting Danish TV in the UK ?  

1 Feb 2006 @ 18:10 by Tony B. @ : Danish Programming
I haven't been to this site in over a year; I stumbled on to it again while looking to find a way to catch Danish programming and was happy to find it. Still looks like there is no way to get it though. I know there has to be a way to get it; there probably is and no one has stumbled on to it. I believe this because there is programming from the Middle East, Russia, Several European countries; old Western Bloc Countries and so forth and so on; so if this is possible then I am sure it is possible to get Danish too. AND NOT ON- LINE! So if we keep being diligent in searching; I am sure one of us will find it eventually; just lets not forget to come here and tell everyone so we all know.
Tony B.  

1 Feb 2006 @ 18:21 by Peter Santiago @ : Teledanmark
While this works one way; it doesn't work its way to the USA:

Danes vote on TeleDanmark
Law requires votes to determine 20 channels to be seen on TV


AMSTERDAM -- Danish audiences began voting Monday on which of some 159 mainly international channels they want to see broadcast on local TV by TeleDanmark, the largest cable company in the territory.
Voters have until Aug. 16 to hand in their ballots to the Danish office of pollster Gallup, which will count the results and announce the 20 winning channels Sept. 1. The vote is required by Danish law.

Danish public broadcasters DR1, DR2 and TV2/Danmark are required by law to be carried, but CNN, MTV Nordic, BBC and Eurosport are among channels already on TeleDanmark that could lose their places if the voting goes against them.

Channeling votes

The same voting process in 1997 ended with some international channels, including Nickelodeon, spending thousands of dollars in advertising and pulling some pretty high-profile publicity stunts trying to convince the Danish to vote for them.

While its still in the early stages, "at least the same amount of money or more is now being spent on this year's (campaigns)," said one analyst.

TeleDanmark has 800,000 subscribers. Stofa, with about 200,000, is Denmark's second-biggest cable company and is expected to hold a vote later this year on the channels it will carry.

Stofa is a joint venture between Swedish telecom Telia and Norwegian cable company Telenor, two companies that are now in the process of being merged.  

1 Feb 2006 @ 22:09 by ming : TV
It is so dumb that bureaucracy hinders that one could just get it over the net. There would be absolutely no technical reason why one couldn't receive all TV channels in the world over the net. I'd be happy with a little 1/4 screen window, if I could just get it. I wouldn't mind paying, say, 1 euro per hour. That could be a fine business for the TV channels. But I suppose somebody thinks there are some laws in the way.

Incidentally I've seen several devices that potentially could do it, IF you had somebody in the target country who received the signals over the air, and shared them over the net. But it really would be much easier if the channels themselves made it available, or if one of those cable providers could provide all of their channels that way.  

2 Feb 2006 @ 04:40 by Tony B. @ : Sputnik Works for some
http://sputnik.dk/ will get you some small amount of programming. Some friends of mine on Miami Beah watch it. I believe you have to sign up for it and the site is in Danish so if you are looking for a channel for your Danish family; they will be the ones who have to sign up; unless of course you read Danish.  

6 Feb 2006 @ 06:11 by Tony B. @ : Breaking news
My brother works for the Cable Company and told me this:
If I want to watch any TV from any part of the world I need some hardware called a "slingbox" about $250 if you can find it. Or go to ORB.com and download some software and use it if your PC has a receiver. For example; my PC has a receiver installed in it so I can watch and DVR any TV show I want including Cable TV. Since I have a cable modem I get the signal right into my TV. Then with the “slingbox” or the ORB software you can redirect it and log on from another PC somewhere and watch TV.
I will be trying it this week and will let you all know how it works.
If this is in fact the way it works; this may be a major breakthrough in viewing TV worldwide unless the TV stations get wise and shut it down somehow.
If anyone out there wants to try it on your own; please let me know the results.
Thanks and Good Luck!!

6 Feb 2006 @ 06:15 by Tony B. @ : Break Through for World Wide TV Viewing!
It only took me 5 years to find something like this but here it is, the link to Sling TV hardware:

8 Mar 2006 @ 13:11 by per hansen @ : tvkoo
Hello if someone want to look Channel from Norway you can download this software. www.tvkoo.com have nrk1-TV2-TV3. Is there someone in Scandinavia that can host slingplayer to me with all channel?  

8 Mar 2006 @ 13:13 by Per hansen @ : wrong email
Sorry wrong email first email is godtfred@msn.com  

15 Sep 2006 @ 16:09 by julia @ : Danish tv in the UK
How do we recieve Danish Tv channels in the Uk? I want to set it up for my grandmother who lives here now. we dont have a satilite at the moment and i have absolutely no idea how to go about getting the channels?  

13 Oct 2006 @ 10:17 by kwame @ : Satellite tv in Denmark
I am looking for a satellite tv provider that has english language movies and sports(Champions league, English premier league etc) in Denmark. Can anyone advise me?  

18 Oct 2006 @ 11:35 by Stina @ : Danish TV by Internet
Dear all,

the public danish TV DR1 + DR2 are sending their programms Live on Internet now.
Only problem: You need a danish IP adress! Does anyone know how to handle this problem???
Without danish IP it`s only possible to see the programms, that have been layed out on the internet (from the last 4 weeks), but not the live programm.

Best regards

21 Dec 2006 @ 20:36 by johannes @ : how do i get a danish ip number
How do i get a danish ip number i live in the US  

23 Dec 2006 @ 00:31 by ming : IP
Well, potentially one could use a "proxy" located in Denmark. A proxy is a server that receives a request from your computer and passes it on to another server, as if it came from itself, and then passes the result back to you.

One can find open proxy servers for web traffic on the net. I'm not sure if will work when we're talking about video. I need to give it a try, I think.  

20 Jun 2009 @ 18:20 by Flemming lorentzen @ : Danish satellite televison in canada/us
We are soon going to drive around the US and Canada in a motorhome. Does anybody know if it is possible to recieve Danish television over satellite today ?
Have read the comments above and it seemed to be difficult a few years back, but what about today ?
Best regards

15 Jul 2009 @ 23:41 by Todd D. @ : Law requires votes to determine 20 chann
Interesting! Thanks! This article really helped me.
Todd D.

15 Nov 2009 @ 02:11 by ming : American TV
It's a different subject, but along the same lines. I'd also like to be able to watch American TV from anywhere, if possible. There beginning to be ways of doing that, like with SlingBox technology. And companies that will do it for you. See {link:http://watchtv.a-lot.us/|here} for example, or {link:http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-3578517-10716809|here}. Now I just wish for somebody i Denmark to set up something similar.  

3 Mar 2010 @ 17:44 by Edward Anthony Regler @ : Norwegian TV
I have a neighbour who is suffering from the unreliablity of her rebroadcasting tv company.

I have an 1.9 Dish which I get all the Freeview Channels.

My question is can she get Norwegian TV here, she has a box and card at home in Norway which she could bring here when living here.

Any help would be appreciated. Know she will nedd at least a 1.9 (if not more) as we are in Torrevieja and get lousy signals.


2 May 2010 @ 09:36 by michel NICOLAS @ : swedish channel worlwide, not for free
please, see this


good luck

as for me, i am interested in norwegian channels, i need a norwegian IP adress, do you know a proxy to obtain one?  

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