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 Scientific warning labels2004-02-22 17:55
by Flemming Funch

Via Jim McGee and others, a set of warning labels for physicists. Yeah, I've seen them before, and they're very funny. A couple of samples:
"Some Quantum Physics Theories Suggest That When the Consumer Is Not Directly Observing This Product, It May Cease to Exist or Will Exist Only in a Vague and Undetermined State."

"HANDLE WITH EXTREME CARE: This Product Contains Minute Electrically Charged Particles Moving at Velocities in Excess of Five Hundred Million Miles per Hour."

"The Entire Physical Universe, Including This Product, May One Day Collapse Back into an Infinitesimally Small Space. Should Another Universe Subsequently Reemerge, the Existence of This Product in That Universe Cannot Be Guaranteed."
What is most cool is actually that they're all correct.

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23 Feb 2004 @ 19:26 by vibrani : these are great!
absolutely brilliant and funny.  

29 Feb 2004 @ 16:17 by Shaun @ : quphys
Notice #1 is an expression of one of several current interpretations of Q.M. It may or may not be true, and the wisest bet is probably the latter.  

19 Dec 2014 @ 15:46 by Braian @ : CseSbyQXJjDkTlQqD
Hi lovely lady.I see you have a new Mountain Bike contrags, and thanks so much for hosting your linky party for all of us. I hope you have a wonderful St.Patrick's Day with your family.XXOO Diane  

23 Dec 2014 @ 15:57 by Choi @ : mNvHwfudrrpuZx
So true. How many times have we been deceived by tgnhis of the world. Stop Pray and seek God's answer. Give up jumping before you look.  

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