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Kohei Minato's Magical Motor

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 Kohei Minato's Magical Motor2004-04-04 12:07
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From japan.com, a story about inventor Kohei Minato and his Japan Magnetic Fan Company. He has apparently come up with a magnetic motor that consumes stunningly little electricity. OK, let's cut to the chase: it uses so little electricity that you can connect up a generator to it and get out more electricity than you put in. I.e. it is an over-unity device.

What typically happens with over-unity devices is either that the inventor is found to be a con artist, who had hidden wires built into the table or something, and who just wanted to scam investors out of money. Or the patent gets bought up by General Motors, and nobody ever hears about it again. Or the inventor suddenly meets his untimely death in a freak boating accident.

The general consensus among people who're interested in that kind of thing, and actually serious about it, is that the only ways of ever getting an invention like that to market would either be to release workable blueprints all over the Internet, or it would be to camouflage it as an ordinary product that simply is unusually efficient. Minato is following he latter approach. Apparently he has sold 40,000 units to be used to drive cooling fans in convenience stores in Japan. So, just energy-efficient motors. Nobody can have a problem with that, right? And if he gets away with that, he can do something a little more bold with it next.

You can find some technical comments on how Minato's device might work from Tom Bearden, one of the gurus of over-unity theory, here, down in the middle of the page. But, warning, this is all impossible according to your highschool physics. If this kind of thing works, the energy will be coming from tapping ubiquitous fields that mainstream science simply doesn't believe in.

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4 Apr 2004 @ 18:47 by maxtobin : Magical Indeed
The real magic is that we are prevented in accessing the free energy that Tesla and others have seen/discovered or 'stumbled accross'. The 'real' has been serriously oppressed, while the con artists (with wires under the bench or some other gimmick) have been allowed to confirm the 'story' that such things are impossible 'given the laws of physics'.
There is a 'future garden' that exists in 'mythic memory' where all our needs for energy are there as and when we require. Enron et al with the Chenney's and greedy 'Shrubs' will not be welcome at all.
look at {link:http://www.aethmogen.com/wri/radams/magnetis/magnet1.shtml| for another over unity device}.

And here {link:http://users.rcn.com/zap.dnai/rory.htm|you cant do it in the US or you end up dead}  

23 Apr 2004 @ 03:15 by Ed Davis @ : Over Unity
For one, High School physics does not encompass particle physics or quantum mechanics, little on string theory, so the irrelevance of that comment is beyond the scope of disuccsion. High school physics is like comparing additon to calculus in comparison to modern physics. The reality is that the physics world in some cases is stuck in the mudd, with egos, grants, and government red tape. Magnetism has not been studied thoruoghly mainly because it is not understood. Why? because it is difficult. Magnetic theory is incomplete and will remain so until something like Minato's devices become common place, at this point, physicist will take note, until then they will continue to be mired in the muck.

One of the problems here is sharing the building of these technical devices. If Minato put a small build on the internet that anyone could build to power say a light bulb, interest would peak, and physicist would be building these all over the country giving merit to the device. The concept of repeatable experimental evidence is solidified in scientific theory, but sharing the knowledge of a possible billion dollar advance in technology is probably not going to happen. Would you give to the world, when you could instead become another Bill Gates? Many would answer no, thus that is what we are stuck with.  

29 Apr 2004 @ 19:27 by Lee B @ : Hub motors
Could these motors be configured as hub motors for electric vehicles or, more practically for retrofitting current vehicles as electric hybrids? A practical hub retrofit hub motor to replace the brake rotor on the non driven wheels of an existing automobile could provide an easy electric hybrid conversion. Would this motor provide regenerative and dynamic braking? Just a thought.  

24 May 2004 @ 05:41 by Willie @ : no PM
It is actually quite simple:
COP has nothing to do with the efficiency of a system.
COP is simply output energy divided by payable energy.
A Cop of 3 means, you had to put 1 part of payable energy in to get 3 parts out.

Of course the faulty liearized maxwellian theory cannot cope with such a situation (at that time neither quantum theory, or even the atom was common knowledge). Maxwellian theory uses closed circuits, which makes it unefficient

But now: where are the 2 parts (or more) energy come from if not from the operator ?
This is way out of the realm of classical closed circuit U1 thermodynamics-

well, lets say it comes from somewhere in a non-linear fashion into space-time, or, from somewhere which represents a SOURCE to space-time, because energy always flows from the source to the sink.

Lying, cheating and hiding away has been successfull for well over a hundred years -

the truth is, you can tap into a source of energy if you open the circuit for it: as Tesla proved a hundred years back:

Nature is non-linear, how else could the universe expand ?  

3 Jun 2004 @ 20:37 by pat @ : yeah
ok he is using the repulsive force of the magnets to propel the drive its simple but smart by giving a short timed kick you make it do half or more of the work for you that is where the extra energy comes from. what happens when 2 of the same magnets come close??? they repel what happens when you force past it??? it pushes away again give it just enough momentum and pow half of the work is done for you. you just made an over unity motor (the magnets are the extra power) going off that then you just made a 200% efficent motor right?
and if your smart you make the incoming side angled away so that the higher density lines of force push the incoming magnet away! its very simple minipulation of the magnets. magnets have sweet spots throw something at the sweet spot and as it approches from the oblique it sees less resistance right up till it hits the sweet spot then pow it pushes (cuse its angled away) the other magnet away at a higher excleration. it is useing the laws of physics to minipulate nature. if you know the timing then you can use less and less power as the magnets do the work for you.


8 Jun 2004 @ 18:19 by Steven A. Taylor @ : Kohei Minato is an awsome person .
Im sorry that im just 19 years old , and please feel free to ignore me and my message . Kohei Minato is a wonderfull guy , i really hope this powers the world . I have plans for perpetual energy . I am 100 percent sure it works . I feel like giving up right now , but i must start somewhere . What do i do with it ? .  

30 Sep 2004 @ 20:36 by James @ : Some Additional Info
if u'r interested check out the following link giving details on the patent application. hope this helps


12 Oct 2004 @ 23:41 by keanu @ : Who knows kohei minatos phone #? or addr
Who knows kohei minatos phone #? or address or contact info?  

21 Dec 2004 @ 07:05 by Golam Mosihuddin @ : Magnetic Fan
We are very interested contact with Japan Magnetic Fan Company, please inform us about details address of Japan Magnetic Fan Company or e-mail address of Mr. Kohei Minato.

Thank You.,  

17 Jan 2005 @ 06:13 by DGR @ : Address for Japan magnetic Fan Company
(No. 901, 28-20, 4-Chome, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, JP)  

1 May 2005 @ 01:37 by mike @ : power deprivers
Power and big companies and government, Minatos ideas have been around for generations. The magnet power idea has been ridiculed for just as long.The main problem is who has the power here in the U.S, (jobs) is another issue. Politics are a big issue.. Germany has a magnet powered wheel that rotates easilly at 3000 rpms. Because of the (politics) of power sources the U.S is years behind in magnet power and use little solar power, any alternate power supply is kept at bay even hushed out if at all possible Because of the POLITICS (money)of it as well as government.What makes the big bucks and jobs with the most waste wins. I have copied minatos wheel several times it's easy. but can I as a resident in the surpressed states market it no, because of the ones with the power now has all the power.I also have several other applications but what good are they if their not (Aloud). But you all must remember something about useing magnets to enhance oh something in a nucleur bomb or something like that it was on a report in iraq. Another problem is that magnets are axcessable to anyone and being a form of power the government would try to limit that also. Also remember they want to build at least 2 nucleur plants in every state big enough to hold them,for the power and the jobs.Right now their scouting out places for nucleur waste dump, one around montacello new york.I see a big future with the use of magnets just not here.  

9 May 2005 @ 11:07 by macks @ : applitaction for ajob ion your company
hello sir good day how are you i am in cameroon please i simply once to come to more stundie please byb .  

13 Mar 2006 @ 12:45 by PLEASE HELP @ : Minato contact real????
Does any one have been able to contact Minato Motors?
Does any one able to talk to them?
Does any one know if these Motors can be purchased in Japan?
Does any one knows if he sells these Motors?

Please help and answer.............  

8 Apr 2006 @ 00:42 by Frank @ : PLEASE how do I contact Minato Motors?
Hi guys, does someone have email address or fax number of Minato Motors?
I live in Brazil, where we have tens of thousands communities not served by the public eletric grid. In the Amazon region, most smaller communities have no power at all or only a few hours of daily eletricity supplied by local diesel generators. "24-hour-energy" is a dream for millions of people here. If the Minato Motors company could develop and market some simple generators that would supply anything in the 50kW to 1MW range, they would sell in millions of units. And - in Brazil there would be absolutely no problem with the government, on the very contrary, Sr. Minato would get red carpet welcome. Thanks  

4 May 2006 @ 20:22 by Aga @ : Please
How do I contact Minato Motors?
Does any one knows if he sells these Motors?  

11 Jul 2006 @ 02:44 by klita pitakskulhong @ : need to know how to get the motor
i would like to know how to get this motor. anybody please tell me how to reach mr. kohei minato thank you.  

13 Aug 2006 @ 20:32 by Patrick @ : Law on conservation of energy
Electric motors are already over 90% energy efficient and the law of conservation of energy says it cant be more than 100%.
So all these conspiracy theory comments are laughable lunacy.
It's either a slight better motor that is being over-hyped or is just an outright scam/mistake. Electrical motors already use magnets so that's not the trick. There is no free lunch.

"AS OF 2005, the power, duration and speed of electric motors and lithium-polymer batteries has REVOLUTIONIZED TOTALLY the radio-control hobby industry! " ... a point which disproves the claim that technology is being held back. It isnt! If it works, the world will use it.

"Why isnt anyone fitting full-size cars with brushless motors and lithium polymer batteries" DOH! They are. Buy a Prius. And if you want pure EVs, there are several out there. Cost a lot to go li-polymer, though.

No thanks. Greed doesnt kill, greed gets people motivated to care for themselves. Without it, we'd smell bad and live in grass huts.

Stupidity kills. Ignorance, blind faith in silver bullets and magical energy devices kills based on misunderstanding of science. Fight stupidity.  

29 Mar 2007 @ 03:17 by Trevor Smith @ : Minato Motor
Any one interested in the plans for a Minato magnet motor ?
Detail's that are not in the Minato Patent, from a small DIY motor to a full size motor with custom made Minato magnets.
I have had to pack up and move house and work shop, from Queensland to NSW in Australia and need help in compleating a proof of concept motor.
Regards a whykid.  

29 Aug 2007 @ 22:39 by Gy├Ârke @ : any information
Hello! Can anyone say news about the Minato electrical engines? The last article I read was from 2004. They said: "Minato sells 40000 cooling fans..." But it was 3 years ago... I'm studying electrical engineering at an European university and I'm very interested in this topic...  

2 Jan 2008 @ 03:25 by Roman S.... @ : Minato Magnetic Fans
does ony one know if these magnetic fan can be purchesed in Japan????  

5 Jun 2008 @ 01:01 by Edp @ : Kohei Minato's Magical Motor
Unlike others here, I know Minato-san and have been to his workshop in Shinjuku. I don't profess to be sufficiently knowledgeable in physics to determine whether this really does what it says in terms of power in and power out, but I have the following observations to make. From by limited knowledge of physics, heat is energy dispersal, and in the case of a normal electric motor, energy loss. Minato's motors run cold to the touch. I know, I have touched several whilst they were spinning at 3000rpm plus and there's no way of faking that! Does it make them more efficient? I have no idea, but it seems to me that a comment made on another blog site about making motors lighter, may be applicable here. Because of heat, I would assume that materials used in normal motors would have to be pretty durable, so perhaps with the lack of heat, lighter materials may be used. This could have significant implications for hybrid and electric car developments, when used in conjuction with more efficient power storage devices such as nano-capacitors. No perpetual motion here, just the notion that this technology may make a big improvement in the way we move around. In addition, Minato has 52 patents, one of which is in Japan and was reluctantly awarded, eventually by court order, because the Japanese government wished for Minato to give them his technology, now I wonder why they would do that? Several large Japanese corporations and banks have invested. I have dealt with institutions for years, and occassionally they get it wrong, but not often! Minato's biggest problems are that he has no formal skills or training, that he is over possessive of this technoology (which make everyone suspicious) and he isn't very commercially savvy but won't let go of his baby; pity. ED  

11 Jul 2008 @ 02:26 by creepywilliy @ : shame on you kohei...
if its so buddy ya got ta let er go n go n go.. new gutz i guess? its been how long? yer gig jes a laps in mini-ato's mind!  

10 Feb 2010 @ 07:22 by mike the biking viking @ : seeing the invisible
First, to "Patrick"; you're a dork. Greed is what keeps 95% of the world's population in poverty. Cooperation throughout history has proven to be the more successful survival strategy. But you're probably a Republican, so that won't matter to you. Anyway, Minato's at least trying to do something, unlike some who choose to try to shoot others down because they are of limited capacity and or hate to see others succeed. Greed is stupidity.  

4 Jan 2011 @ 19:14 by Diez Jean-Claude @ : how to buy product of Mr. Kohei Minato
I would like to know how can i buy (if it's possible) a magnet Motor Minato. It should be to produce free home electicity.
Is already there an efficient such motor or not ? If yes how to buy it I'm living in Belgium. And how much is it ?
Thank you very much for your answer...
Mr Diez Jean-Claude  

7 Dec 2011 @ 22:25 by Marty Samson @ : Another perpetual motion machine
What do you think of this one?


28 Mar 2012 @ 00:59 by El bechari Mohammed @ : the purchase of the motor for Morocco
The purchase of the motor for Morocco and distribution in Africa and the Arab countries We call the list of engine power and price of each power and import support myself I thank you, Mr. Kohei Minato I await your reply I am interested in visiting your invotion  

20 Mar 2015 @ 13:37 by Hamilton Florestal @ : Contact
I would like more details about the generator, Like capacity & price's

Thank you

14 Sep 2016 @ 10:36 by akas @ : kutta
FIFA 17  

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