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WiFi in Denmark

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 WiFi in Denmark2004-04-22 15:27
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by Flemming Funch

Via pollas.dk. TDC, the Danish telephone company, last month launched a cheap WiFi service with initially 400 hotspots. Coffee shops, gas stations, burger joints, and of course airports. Maybe not everywhere people would want it, but this does sound like one of the better efforts I've heard of. It costs 199Kr per month for unlimited access, which is around 27 euro. If you just think of it as your Internet connection, it of course has exceptionally little coverage. But compared with most other WiFi offers, which charge 8-10 euros per hour in a hotel or airport, it is exceptionally cheap, and has a great many outlets. If I lived in Denmark now, I wouldn't hesitate.

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1 comment

23 Apr 2004 @ 12:15 by ming : WiFi
I really think it should be free too, and it is a perfectly fine business model for a cafe to offer it for free. I hope somebody will do some study that reveals that businesses with free WiFi has an increase in business that is way more than what it costs them, and that the results are broadcast widely so it really can start catching on.

If I can't have that, then I'd at certain times be quite happy with just ANY kind of WiFi access if I'm out in town or away in a new town. Sometimes I'm desperate and it is very frustrating to not be able to find anything. Even if I had to walk 10 blocks and sit on the sidewalk in front of a gas station.

I'd be content paying 20-30 euro per month to be able to do that in most places. But if there are several competing plans, and I'd have to sign up for several of them, then it starts looking bad again. And those 10 euro per hour plans are just not something that will ever work for me, unless I'm really, really desperate.  

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