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 Another way to rent cars2004-04-28 14:34
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I hadn't noticed it before, but in France there's a different way of renting cars. I'm recording it here so anybody else who don't know about it can check it out. It is called achat-rachat, i.e buy & buy back. It is a system the French government set up to lure tourists to France, and make them drive French cars, I suppose, by allowing car companies to lease out cars without taxes or duties to tourists. It is not a normal rental, but a lease arrangement run by the big car manufacturers. You get a new car, full insurance is included, with no deductable, no extra charges, no taxes, and they'll take care of the car as a car rental company would (or should, rather). You only need to be 18, several people can drive that car, and you can go all over Europe with it. But you must be a tourist with permanent residence outside Europe. And you have to arrange for the car weeks in advance, and the lease has to be for at least 17 days. That period would cost roughly the same as a normal car rental. But after that the price drops to considerably less, like 1/3-1/2. So if you need a car for a month, or several months, it beats car rental on all counts. And after the period is over, you just give it back. Or if you for some reason decided you wanted to buy that car, the lease you've paid would be deducted from the sale price. Check out Renault Eurodrive, Peugeot Eurolease and some general information.

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28 Apr 2004 @ 15:02 by vibrani : This is a great alternative
makes sense and seems very convenient. Do they take care of repairs -for road service?  

28 Apr 2004 @ 15:15 by ming : Car leasing
Yes, they do repairs, and even take the car in for regular service, all for free, as far as I can see.  

28 Apr 2004 @ 17:43 by vibrani : Who could argue with that?
Very cool, Ming. As long as you're still a permanent resident of somewhere else ;-)  

2 May 2004 @ 08:27 by ming : PT
Ah, I like those PT words. There certainly seems to be a certain nomadic lifestyle that is made possible by special deals and loop holes and globalization. If one has the knowledge required.

We had a cat named PT once. It stood for "Pregnant Teenager", as she was a young cat who showed up on our doorstep once, and refused to leave, and when we let her in, she found a good corner and had a bunch of kittens.  

25 Jan 2007 @ 19:21 by Lynda @ : another way to rent cars
This is an old posting, but wanted to let you know I 'rented' a Renault Clio last May under this program and everything was fantastic. I had always rented with Avis or Budget...the car had 5 km on it, and I was able to get diesel for 50 euros more, which saved me five times that in fuel costs...super service, I came across this when looking for the website as I am probably going to use the program on my trip this coming spring...Citroen has the same program, but I prefer the Renault cars. Their location at the airport was super easy...a real plus when you're going someplace you've never been before.  

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