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 Craigslist2004-08-06 09:47
by Flemming Funch

I might have accidentally looked at it once before, but didn't pay any attention before this article on CNN. Craigslist is a simple and funky looking site with classified adds. Started off in 1995 by one guy, Craig, sending out a daily e-mail with a jumbled collection of different items offered or sought. And then it gradually grew to something more, and that site, and a more organized, but still funky looking collection of stuff. OK, as I said, I didn't really pay any attention to craigslist, but my daughter, sitting next to me right now instantly recognizes the page and says:
"Oh, craigslist? You can find everything on craigslist. Everything."
And she goes on with a long list of things she's found there, and that other people she knows have found. Dates, photographers, free computers, etc.

Most listings are free on craigslist. Sofar only some of the job ads have been charged for. But that article mentions that they're going to start charging for all the job ads. Which the writer quickly guestimates to be a $25 million a year business. And there are 14 people working there. And they're thinking about an IPO. And they have one billion pageviews per month.

I mention it as a good small business success story. With a "why didn't I think of that" quality. Hey, I used to send out regular mailings in 1995 with assorted items that people offered or were looking for. And I could have made that site with both hands tied on my back. But Craig did, and stuck with it, so hats off to him.

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6 Aug 2004 @ 09:51 by craiglang : A great name... :-)
Anything with a name like Craig's list has to be good... :-)  

6 Aug 2004 @ 10:01 by ming : List
Heheh. Hey, it could have Flemming's List.  

6 Aug 2004 @ 12:13 by ov : craigslist
I wonder how he was able to afford the bandwidth. A site is fairly cheap when there isn't that many page hits but once a person's site becomes a success and crosses a certain volume limit the prices start to climb.

How much do you think the monthly ISP bill is for that site?  

6 Aug 2004 @ 17:01 by ming : craigslist
Well, there aren't any graphics I can see, so the pages are small. 1 billion page views of, let's say 2K. That would make it 2000 gigabytes to transfer. If that were spread out evenly, that would be around 8 Mbits/second. There are providers that actually sell 10Mbps connectivity for $500 per month. They'd be unhappy if one actually used it all the time. But bandwidth is relatively cheap nowadays. The provider I used for my server 8 years ago would have charged around $10,000 per month for that kind of connection.  

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