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 Plazes2004-08-25 14:19
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Felix Petersen just showed me his new baby plazes.com. Very cool. You get the idea by noticing the new widget in my left sidebar, which shows where I am. After one registers, one downloads a little launcher application which cleverly can keep track of approximately where one is, based on one's current IP number. One can then name that place, specifying its precise address if appropriate, and other people who come along later can annotate it. That's of course particularly cool for people who travel a lot, and if you end up somewhere where somebody else has been before. Like, think of a semi-public location like an open wi-fi network. You'll also be able to find known locations close to where you currently are. So, discovering a place to plug in your wi-fi laptop would certainly be an obvious use of this. But you can add all sorts of other things. Like maybe what good hotels or restaurants are close by. And it opens the door to many other possibilities based on location. Like finding people who're close by. It is still a new system with some minor quirks, but go give it a try if you're currently on some kind of Lan connection anywhere in the world.

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1 comment

25 Aug 2004 @ 14:35 by bri_outten : Sounds good
I've registered already.
Thank you  

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