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Friendster vs Blogging

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 Friendster vs Blogging2004-08-31 23:59
by Flemming Funch

Joyce Park is a well-known blogger and author of PHP books. And until Monday she was one of Friendster's top technical people. But she was fired ... for blogging. She mentioned a couple of innocent and positive tidbits about the company, which already were obvious and public, like that they were switching from Java to PHP, which obviously made everything faster. And apparently Friendster employees aren't supposed to engage in such subversive activities as blogging. Not that they ever mentioned it.

Anyway, a great occasion for a little protest. So, I'm joining the crowd and I just cancelled my account. Instructions on how to do that (if you're a member), and an overview of coverage can be found from, for example, Jeremy Zawodny.

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