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IBM releases patents for open source

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 IBM releases patents for open source2005-01-11 15:32
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I can rant a lot about the evilness of corporations. But it is very nice that there are some corporations that actually can figure out to stick with the light side of the force, while still remaining profitable. I'm talking about IBM here. I'm sure there must be something bad one can find to say about them too, but they do seem to be doing a lot of things right. They're one of the biggest supporters of Open Source, having released a lot of stuff out in the open, and paying lots of people for developing more. Interestingly, they will probably insist that it has nothing to do with any kind of inherent philosophy of free sharing. It is simply that they listen to what people want and try to find a viable business in delivering it. And people want open source. But you can of course contrast that with the Microsoft type of corporation, that apppears to have no interest in delivering what people actually want, but which wants to persuade, trick and hook people into buying what they want to sell, and which has a definite agenda about it, which isn't ours.

Now NY Times (registration required) reports that 500 of the patents they hold will now be freely available to anybody who works on open source. Bravo. But, again, it isn't just to be nice. As the article describes, they've carefully examined where their own economic self-interests lie, and they've realized how open technology standards and collaboration stimulate economic growth and job creation. Many smart folks can be found that agree with that, but it is still much too unheard of for a large corporation to proactively act accordingly.

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1 comment

11 Jan 2005 @ 15:46 by jstarrs : IBM probably have..
..some ways to go to wipe out their contribution in cataloguing the jews in WW11.

The IBM effort to help the NAZIs was described as a "precision, concisely organized effort involving a melding of IBM Headquarters System Engineering, Design Automation and Management, overseen by an exuberant Thomas J. Watson" involved day to day in efforts to maneuver around State Department investigations, setting up a hidden linkage between a newly organized Swiss subsidiary, "Watson Business Machines" (a tactic adopted by Thomas J. Watson from his former mentor, John R. Paterson of NCR) and IBM's Dehomag Subsidiary in Nazi Germany. Watson is said to in addition to the foregoing, to have turned over private National Census documents it collected for Countries throughout Europe and in America to Hitler, in a blatant effort to woo profitable business from Adolf Hitler: by helping Germany locate "all the Jews of Europe" from within demographics stored in the Census data of other countries who hired IBM, so that it could efficiently and proficiently using IBM Tabulation Equipment, sort, file and categorize those very Jews for extermination in the Death Camps, where IBM equipment during World War II continued to be programmed, serviced and SS Death Camp employees trained by IBM personnel, all of it designed by an IBM greedily seeking to achieve "2nd Largest Customer" status for the country of NAZI Germany, even when it was at war formally with the United States. "
Source: http://www.acsa.net/ibm_and_hitler.htm  

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