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Scientists decide to look for ET visitors

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 Scientists decide to look for ET visitors2005-01-17 16:16
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According to space.com, a group of scientists have realized that it is more likely than not that there are plenty of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations around, and that maybe they ought to start investigating some of the many well-documented reports of their visits, rather than just sitting listening for radio signals from them.

Duh, is that so hard to figure out? Yes, it apparently it is, as it traditionally have been very unpopular amongst serious scientists to pay any attention to UFO reports. Or, stronger than that, it would be a blemish on their careers and reputations if they even were caught considering that anybody might be visiting us. So, instead they've been stuck on the somewhat questionable theory that billion year advanced civilizations would be sending radio shows in our direction, which we might catch on the dial.

Anyway, this new thinking doesn't seem so much a result of being impressed with the considerable body of existing evidence, as it is a result of the growing realization that science might actually support some models for how one might get around in space. So, you know, only start looking once you have a theory that says there might be something there. Don't look just because there's something there.
Given billion-year advanced physics, might not buzzing around the galaxy be possible?

Even today superstring theory hypothesizes other dimensions... which could be habitable Universes adjacent to our own, the researchers speculate. It might even be possible to get around the speed of light limit by moving in and out of these dimensions.

"What we have done is somewhat of a breakthrough," Haisch told SPACE.com. "We have pulled together various recent discoveries and theoretical issues that collectively point to the strong probability that we should be in the midst of one or more huge extraterrestrial civilizations," he said.

Haisch said that superstring dimensions and wormhole and spacetime stretching possibilities address the "can't get here from there" objection often argued in view of the interstellar, point-to-point distances involved. Also, diffusion models predict that even a single civilization could spread across the Galaxy in a tiny fraction of the age of the Galaxy - even at sub-light speeds, he said.

Of course you might still find scientific types who hold on to the 100 year old idea that nobody can get anywhere faster than the speed of light, so it is all impossible nonsense that anobody would be visiting anybody. But the winds are changing.

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18 Jan 2005 @ 04:27 by vaxen : Perhaps...
they should study the Upanishads, Vedas, Puranas, etc., and then take the GMC? What arrogance on the parts of these, so called, scientists. Does the word science have its' origin in the Greek word Skios too?  

5 Jan 2010 @ 09:29 by rob @ : other
cool site  

1 May 2016 @ 10:13 by Addriene @ : RKkdbnYBfiaOYGPV
You've really imserpsed me with that answer!  

1 May 2016 @ 22:47 by Brandie @ : rBFdDRldsEbBxoNZbSOs
It will be interesting to see how will the market perform after the ol.nsicp.y...thimk the Chinese government had been trying hard to ensure the bubble won't come down hard.....not sure if they will be able to do after the olympics.The CI will continue to be volatile until there's a resolution on having a clear leader in the country...  

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