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 Automatic Resume2005-03-28 01:20
by Flemming Funch

ZoomInfo is a brand new site that claims to produce people's resumes automatically by crawling the web and figuring out what information is relevant. Article here.

Now, that's rather amusing. I try with my own name, of course. It has 12 entries, all of which are me. The first one isn't half bad. Well, it is. It would be useless as my resume, but it is intriguing what it found. It identifies me primarily as a Board Member of "Web Angesl". Should be "Web Angels", I'm sure. Not that I remember joining any such thing. I guess that is is a workgroup within NCN that wanted to give me an honorable mention. Maybe more appropriate it also identifies me as founder of NCN, although it is as my "Past Employment History". And, quite impressively, it identified me as an Advisory Board Member of the Institute for the Study of Accelerating Change. I had forgotten all about that. Anyway, it also found some other snippets of biographical information about me. And an interview.

Amusingly, it labels all of these sites as "companies" and everybody it finds related to them as "employees".

I don't think this is really going to work. But I'm impressed that somebody will try to do this and that it is even partly in the right ballpark.

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2 Jun 2005 @ 15:07 by Donald E. Singer @ : Faciliator
what is this about  

2 Jun 2005 @ 22:27 by ming : Faciliator
What is what about? Being a facilitator, or the site I wrote about?  

16 Jul 2011 @ 14:27 by P.LAKSHMANAN @ : resume
hi i want resume format  

1 May 2016 @ 10:34 by Rope @ : iUOnRQwpnficc
That's the smart thinikng we could all benefit from.  

1 May 2016 @ 22:48 by Rain @ : ZNLScajYqM
Nom,I heard her last night. Her sliammng the gov for screwing up Cash For Clunkers and now asking us to rely on them for an extra 1/7 of the economy was classic.  

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