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 Mr.Angry and Mrs.Calm2005-10-26 00:26
by Flemming Funch

An interesting perceptual illusion. If you're looking at these pictures right in front of you on your screen, you will probably see an angry guy on the left, and a serene looking woman on the right. But try to move further away, and you'll discover that it is quite the other way around.

Read more about it here.

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26 Oct 2005 @ 13:21 by ming : Squint
Ah, you're right. And if you squint really hard, you'll look like the mean, angry guy.  

26 Oct 2005 @ 22:44 by Chris Hagglund @ : Same effect as squinting is to
just let your vision go out of focus.  

11 Feb 2007 @ 03:18 by chado @ : interesting optical illusion.
However, it was actually the reverse for me. I saw the angry woman on the left, and the calm man on the right. Then when I backed up, I saw what you mentioned was supposed to be when you were close. I wonder my perception is backwards. Maybe I have a keen awareness, or maybe I just need glasses, or maybe I'm just abnormal, who knows?  

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