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 Xooglers2006-01-01 22:05
by Flemming Funch

Xooglers is a blog by a couple of ex-Google employees, who share their experiences. Which is fascinating. I read it from one end to the other. They don't have anything particularly bad to say. Rather, they have a bunch of great things to say. Interesting is that this is a couple of very smart people, but still they feel that they didn't entirely measure up to working for Google. Particularly one of them, who was a venerated rocket scientist Ph.D. at JPL, but at Google he rather felt himself to be in the lower 25%, prone to screw up and just not measure up to everybody else. Which mostly says something about the quality of people working at Google. Maybe I'm glad they didn't want me. I don't like being one of the stupid guys.

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2 Jan 2006 @ 02:27 by cindy @ : Wrong person for the right job?
I am just musing: (but very seriously from years of observations about myself and others)

If a person cannot function well (e.g the PhDer cited in the blog) within a company/organization/departments etc., does it mean this person is not clever enough for the job? or his skills do not matched the job required? or the selection process for the post not good enough? Or he outgrew the requirements/skills he was hired, or business plans changed, or wrong person for the right job, or ...  

6 Jan 2006 @ 02:40 by ming : Right person in the wrong place
I suppose we all fit better in some places than others. There's a right place for us, where some kind of useful synergy happens. Not just about being good enough on some kind of linear scale.  

19 Dec 2014 @ 18:15 by Chas @ : VEMVrTuSGbegA
Je suis ne9ophyte en ce qui concerne les poecelainrs, je tente quelques ide9es, fortement inspire9e par quelques ouvrages que je suis en train de parcourir : -par la pre9sence de la fleur et la "simplicite9 de illustration" des tasses : le plaisir de boire du the9 des lettre9s des Yuan, avec humilite9 et en pre9sence d'un environnement de nature,- le fleur : s'agit-il de jasmin ? Le the9 vert (?) de San Hsia ... le the9 serait plus clair et je ne m'oriente sfbrement pas dans la bonne direction (cf. re9ponse de Thomas).- par la pre9sence du dragon : clin d'oeil au Oolong = dragon noir, ou peut-eatre un lion ? Autre clin d'oeil au Shan Lin Shi que tu caracte9rises comme "force de la montagne" dont tu souhaitais nous reparler ?Je se8che !!He9le8ne  

21 Apr 2016 @ 01:45 by Margaretta @ : PVjVbXGTQgTOxG
That's a we-tglhoulht-out answer to a challenging question  

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