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 CMSILF2006-12-05 18:08
by Flemming Funch

If you're in the market for a Content Management System, and OSCOM or OpenSource CMS are too complicated for you, then maybe you just need the complexity translated into terms you can understand, like in Content Management Systems I Would Or Wouldn’t Fuck, by Jason Stratham:

  • Vox - The Japanese schoolgirl of content management systems, practically begging for you to stalk it on Myspace or rub up on it in the subway.
  • Drupal - The exotic foreign exchange student. If you can figure out what the hell language it speaks, it’ll be so greatful for the attention it’ll bend over backwards and let you do whatever you want to it.


  • Blogger - Really popular, and consequently has every virus known to science.
  • Wordpress - High maintenance; you have to read a lot of documentation in order to do it right. Always leaves you wondering if you should have used different plug-ins.
  • Movable Type - Looks like it used to be a lot of fun when it was younger; now it just sort of lays there and doesn’t do much. Takes forever to refresh. Spends most of its time changing in and out of different outfits.
  • Livejournal - The CMS most likely to be into Harry Potter bloodplay.
  • Textpattern - Looks very attractive and willing, but beware. Textpattern whispers in your ear “I’ll do whatever you want. Come on, touch me here,” and you touch it there and it DIES.
Hm, but what if I just want a candlelight dinner and snuggle in front of the fireplace kind of thing, what's my CMS?

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6 Dec 2006 @ 07:44 by ming : NCN
Heheh, I didn't think of that.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 05:02 by Moon @ : tAneElsZtQVA
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