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 Wengophone2006-12-17 12:49
by Flemming Funch

Wengovisio is a little widget one can have on one's webpage, which should allow others to call you, without having to download any software. I'm giving it a shot here, to see if it works. It is part of the wengophone project, which is run by a French company, but which is basically open source. I don't particularly feel like having another IM application running on my desktop, as I already have several, but let's see how this works. So, this is just a test. I'll probably remove it again later. I'm not sure I really want blog visitors to call me all the time. But, somebody, give it a try.

..[later] OK, I won't remove it, but as it turns out, it just turns off when I reload the page. So, I'd need to both go and turn it on, and then watch my own page for when somebody calls. Which maybe makes it a bit cumbersome to keep active permanently on something like a blog. But it seems to basically work. At least for 2/3 of the people I spoke with today, which was quite a few. Both video and audio quality was quite good.

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17 Dec 2006 @ 13:45 by jmarc : very cool
bushman is right. Voice ads something better to conversations. Even short ones, lol.  

17 Dec 2006 @ 13:47 by jmarc : are conference calls possible
or is it just one on one?  

17 Dec 2006 @ 14:14 by ming : Wengo
Seems to be just one to one right now. Although the version one can download seems to allow conference calls.

I can't get my built-in iMac camera to show up yet, but otherwise it seems to be working. Although it is kind of odd that, for me too, it works through the webpage. I'd have expected the call to go to their wengophone desktop application.

And when I reload the webpage, I have to reactivate this thing, to say that I'm available. Which doesn't make it perfect for a blog, where I frequently would want to refresh, to see if there are comments, etc.  

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