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 Dandelife2007-01-01 18:08
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On the subject of life stories, Euan sent me a link to dandelife. Wow, that's an interesting idea. OK, people write all sorts of stuff in their blogs already, but here the idea is to do it on a site with a lot of other people, and plot significant events in your life on a time line. Like on the 18 August, 1980, a guy named Aaron has this entry:
I started first grade at Edgefield Elementary on 38th St. in Canton, OH. I was put into speach class, because I couldn't pronounce my R's. I met Danny Higgins and Arnie Bloom. Arnie looked like he sounds. He always had a caved in chest and weak constitution. Danny and I became best friends for the time being. Eventually we reconnected in High School. He dogged me out to hang with the so called cool kids. I gave him the cold shoulder for the next seventeen years. Then when my mom died I called him. He said he'd come to calling hours. When he left me a voicemail saying he couldn't make, but still wanted to grab a drink later I took it as he didn't want to be inconvenienced by driving 20 minutes out of his way. So again, I reinstated the cold shoulder.
It kinds of add a different dimension, and it is surreal to wander around in those postings. I don't know why, but it is more strange than just reading a bunch of blogs in an aggregator. More personal, and somehow more real because there are dates on it, and you can access many people's stuff. Scarey in terms of privacy, although nobody forces anybody to post anything there. But intriguing in the possibilities it evokes. I'd kind of like to be able to go to a certain day and time and place and see what other people have to say about it. There's otherwise no organized way of doing that. I can search in Google, but it would really be much nicer if it is stored in a semantic way, already marked with the coordinates.

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