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 Second Life Open Source2007-01-08 15:00
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Wow, as of today the client software for Second Life has been released as open source under GPL.
Stepping up the development of the Second Life Grid to everyone interested, I am proud to announce the availability of the Second Life client source code for you to download, inspect, compile, modify, and use within the guidelines of the GNU GPL version 2.

A lot of the Second Life development work currently in progress is focused on building the Second Life Grid — a vision of a globally interconnected grid with clients and servers published and managed by different groups. Expect many changes and updates in the coming months in support of this architecture. Much of the recent work has centered on securing the code against potential threats. More recently and still in development, we are moving more of the communications to reliable and cryptographically strong secure channels.

At Linden, we have always been strong advocates of the use of open standards and the advantages of using open source products. Though Second Life makes abundant use of non-standard technologies, our basic UDP protocol message system for example, we rely on open standards and open source implementations when appropriate and available. Since many of the components that will make up this network are not yet done, we are not publishing long white papers or RFCs at this time — instead, we are giving everyone what we have along with a goal of producing those open standards with the input and assistance of the community that has brought Second Life to where it is now.

Releasing the source now is our next invitation to the world to help build this global space for communication, business, and entertainment. We are eager to work with the community and businesses to further our vision of our space.
(Via BoingBoing). Yes, that is potentially HUGE. If you no longer have to be tied into just one company, which can ban you, go out of business, etc, that changes everything, and this might start working like another standard piece of the web. I can't wait to have my own world. At this point it is only the viewer software that can be downloaded, but hopefully I understand correctly that it will become all of it. ... More from CNN. Aha, they say that "eventually" everything will be open source, but that could be a while, of course.

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8 Jan 2007 @ 22:31 by dale hunter @ : Book of DALETH

I am sorry for using your blog for this but I had no idea how else to reach you. I believe you would be interested...

I wrote a book called The Book of DALETH. [..the rest removed..]  

9 Jan 2007 @ 00:31 by ming : Book
OK, but do you seriously feel compelled to tell me personally about that, but not enough to find my e-mail address? Or is this more like a blanket advertisement, which I don't really accept here. Anyway, the music and the animations on the site are very nice.  

12 Jan 2007 @ 14:20 by jonah @ : 2 de life a waste of time
i have just followed the link
first they wont let you join
log in and sign up sent me to login
filling in the login did nothing because i still couldnt join
so eventually some other buttens cive some [pages to apply and test name availability ,check a name its fine
put in email etc and press proceed
nothing an error on my name
chosen of second choice because my first choice not accepted
so anyway i check and choose from thier list and each time only get error in my name choice
needless to say i still havnt been allowed to join ,despite trying 6 /7 ok'ed name choices ,all yet rejected when the proceed button is pushed
also site lacks a feed back or email contact
thus cant tell them they are a waste of time
can i leave it with you ming?  

12 Jan 2007 @ 16:41 by ming : Second Life
Ha, yes, don't worry. I joined easily enough the first time, and lots of others seem to make their way there, spending a lot of time. I haven't spent much time there at all, and my kids seem to have figured it out much easier than I have. My son is using my account, so whenever I go there, I seem to have acquired a lot of new equipment and a new haircut.

But if I could have my own world, that would motivate me in a different way.  

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