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 Generative Ad Art2007-01-26 15:53
picture by Flemming Funch

The Ad Generator:
The ad generator is a generative artwork that explores how advertising uses and manipulates language. Words and semantic structures from real corporate slogans are remixed and randomized to generate invented slogans. These slogans are then paired with related images from Flickr, thereby generating fake advertisements on the fly. By remixing corporate slogans, I intend to show how the language of advertising is both deeply meaningful, in that it represents real cultural values and desires, and yet utterly meaningless in that these ideas have no relationship to the products being sold. In using the Flickr images, the piece explores the relationship between language and image, and how meaning is constructed by the juxtaposition of the two.
It is kind of uncanny. Some of them are off, but a lot of them really work.

Now, sitting watching something like that, do you think that possibly might make you immune to the manipulation of advertising? You know, because you can see through it, or maybe because you can appreciate the beauty of random pushing of emotional buttons. I wish, at least.

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27 Jan 2007 @ 07:10 by swanny : BS
Well like I sometimes say
theres good bs
and theres bad bs


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