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 Flow2007-06-03 15:35
by Flemming Funch

How does one best capture what one can take away from a lecture? One can just somehow process it and internally organize it as one hears it, I suppose. Or one can count on being able to watch the video later. Or one can take notes. But how? I unfortunately missed Stowe Boyd's talk on Flow, a new consciousness for a web of traffic, in order to be in a conversation about owning one's learning path. But Lars Plougmann made his notes in the form of a nice mind map, which you can see below. And when Stowe puts up his slides, I guess I can piece the point together. Mind maps is a good way of keeping notes.

[...Later] Video of Stowe's presentation here.

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8 Aug 2007 @ 02:24 by ming : Flow
There's also the new trend towards leaving the channels open all the time. As opposed to trying hard to control and limit one's surroundings, so one only gets what one wants when one wants it. But now, with many of these new technologies for staying connected, we might be more likely to accept that they're on all the time. One can always reach us by cell phone, always send us an IM, and now even be aware of our activities through the day from Twitter or Facebook, if we're into that. Those would be things that would have worried all of us greatly just a bit earlier in our evolution, like 10 years ago. But now we're finding ways of reframing information overload (something we have to all deal with, and which there is too much of) into just a continous flow, and open channels in many directions, with alll of which we can interact when we feel like it, pick and choose what we need and want, without having to worry too much about there being too much. There aren't too many trees in the forest.  

20 Aug 2007 @ 22:27 by ming : Expanding
Ha, it's a satisfying way of looking at it, even if I don't normally try to take credit for it. Indeed, I don't think there were any other social networks around back in 1985, but now its all the rage. At any rate, it is nice we're evolving together.  

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