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 Orbo free energy2007-07-04 23:14
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A lot of people have been following these guys for a while. The most promising proposed free energy technology so far. The most likely to actually be real, that is. They have an announcement today:
London, 4th July 2007. Steorn, an Irish technology development company, will publicly demonstrate a real-life application of its Orbo free energy technology for the first time. The demonstration will take place in the Kinetica Museum gallery, London UK on Wednesday 4th July. People around the world will be able to watch the exhibit via a live web stream.

The real-time streaming of the Orbo free energy technology demonstration can be accessed via steorn.com/orbo/demo from 6pm Eastern Time (ET) today. People logging onto the link can select different camera angles so they can see the exhibit from various positions. The Kinetica Museum exhibit will thereafter be open to members of the public from Thursday July 5th until Friday July 13th.

Steorn's Orbo technology is based on the interaction of magnetic fields and allows the production of clean, free and constant energy. The exhibit on display will demonstrate work being done by the spinning of a clear polycarbonate wheel with no recourse to external energy. Orbo technology is fully scalable and can be applied to virtually all devices requiring energy, from cellular phones to cars.

On 18th August 2006, Steorn placed an advertisement in The Economist to attract the attention of the world's leading scientists working in the field of experimental physics. The advertisement issued a challenge to the world's scientific community to step forward and prove its claims wrong.

Several thousand scientists stepped forward to take the challenge, but only 22 were appointed to test Steorn's claims. The review process began in January 2007 and is still ongoing. Steorn will publish the results of the process following its completion.
The demonstration doesn't seem to be live yet. Thursday, they're saying now.

Anybody wants to bet whether their technology will work or not? I'm betting it will.

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5 Jul 2007 @ 22:40 by Pixel @ : Possibly...
It'd be awesome if it were legit; however, I'm inclined to skepticism on this. To quote Heinlein, "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch," after all. My personal guess is there is some kind of trickery or unaccounted for factor in there somewhere. The laws of physics are generally pretty solid when it comes to such things.  

6 Jul 2007 @ 00:31 by ming : Skepticism
Well, I can't say that I'll just accept it, sight unseen, either. I WANT it to work. But traditional science is a bit in the way, of course. And it is quite possible to imagine influences they hadn't noticed before, which somehow accounts for the effect. But that's why they got a bunch of skeptical scientists together, to test it backwards and forwards. And I'd assume that they'd have said something by now, if it really wasn't working at all.

Even if it turns out to work, I'd think that a law of preservation of energy would still be in place. Yes, there's probably no completely free lunch. But there might be sources of conversion of energy, which for our purposes are vast and inexhaustible. But I'd be rather worried if it works, but one doesn't identify the actual source. It doesn't come from nowhere, even if it comes. You know, they might accidentally have found something that converts potential gravity energy into kinetic energy, or something strange like that. And it works great for 50 years, but then we all strangely start to become lighter, and eventually we can't hold on to the ground any longer, and the planet breaks apart into big boulders. That would sort of suck.  

6 Jul 2007 @ 00:37 by ming : Gunnar
Hm, yeah, you're weirder than you seem at first glance! ;-) I thought you were just a normal Internet Culture Ph.D nerd. And then you come from a delightfully weird family of scifi authors and flying saucer inventors. I think you might just have something fantastic to bring to the world too. Maybe you can be the guy who invented the Free Lunch.  

6 Jul 2007 @ 22:21 by ming : Free Lunch
I suppose one could also just live on a south sea island and pick coconuts and fruit off the trees. Anyway, I think it is a nicely subversive goal to work on making everything free, or, alternatively, how to live for free, despite that things aren't free. I would like to believe that there's some kind of singularity of freeness coming up in our future. The more free things get, the more free they get, if the conditions are right. I think I'll need to write something about that.  

6 Jul 2007 @ 22:24 by ming : Steorn
According to Steorns website, they've given up on the public demonstration for the moment. That's a bit of a bummer, and a big credibility problem for them. One would think they sort of should have tested the thing in place, before making a bold announcement like that.  

25 Jul 2007 @ 23:01 by ming : Free Energy Business
Yeah, if it works, somebody can make an enormous amount of money with it. Which should be motivation enough for somebody to do their utmost to make it work. Greed for profit might well be a stronger force then science's quest for knowledge.  

17 Jun 2008 @ 16:47 by Javier Sanibanez S @ : Nothing New From Them
The claim on of the Steorn Co. seems to remain UNCERTIFIED as theres no news about this technology, the test on the museum haven't take as far as I know, but you could go to wikipedia to get more interesting info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steorn  

17 Mar 2009 @ 23:20 by sean @ : off the grid
looking for sponsership in an off the grid building project in northern Ontario.
The objective being to build an earth shelter large enough for upto ten people. Having storage capability for food and water for upto a year. Alternative energy devices for power, heat and water recycling (the sling shot would be perfect). Enyone interested including Deka in having products feild tested through this project or becoming involved through sponsership feel free to email me. The project is slated to begin this summer, it's degree of sucess increases through partnership.  

10 Apr 2009 @ 09:26 by Ivelin Ivanov @ : passing into the future
I offer to your attention a decision of energy security at zero dependence of fossil fuels and zero CO2 emissions. Innovation technology at wide application in economy,most of everything in energy production and transport.I offer there be worked out 2 mechanic engines using free energy the first of which gravity that cause of its great bulk will find an allpication most of everything in energy production and water transport,and the second one using energy uknown to science till now using free energy that's compact with great power and adjustable to already existing motor cars and other vessels.Note the following: if to you these are great inventions to me these are needless technologies needed at this moment cause on such base the world economy is created.For energy production it's not needed a "rough" mechanics.In science there are misssing branches,basic laws are inaccurate,wrong or are missing and Math in general is just a branch of things given for granted of an unknown Maths.There's missing knowledge.I'm not a scientist though with honours I've graduated a secondary school but in practice I have my own unified theory of everything,a key to all technologies.They say the gratest invetions loe before to be discovered,to me a great part of them is a fact.For years I know what exactly I know but I didn't want to take a risk to interfere.
Now at the background of the global crises-ecological,energy and financial I'm determinated in the year of innovations 2009
at least to eliminate the heat electric power stations's chimneys,as well as the exhausts and reservoirs of motor cars.With the same success I could work over a nimber of other projects,for instance anti gravity technologies.Knowledge and innovaitns are the heart of the European Union.That's why I hope to find partners as well as financing for working out a prototypes and patenting in the EU borders predominantly.I stand behind every word of mine.If you have a recommendation or a businessese offer I remain at your disposal.I also leave a contact phone
+359 52 500765
+359 895 274022
Communication language on the phone-Bulgarian

Ladies and gentlemen,economy of future doesn't need fossil fuels and the full understanding of the alive and self reproducing Universe is possible only through a science based on alive and self reproducing Maths.
Respectfully yours
Ivelin Ivanov
P.S. It's an open letter,please send it to those who may be interested.Thank you.  

11 Sep 2014 @ 06:31 by Garry @ : 3Dprinter

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