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Fractal brains

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 Fractal brains2007-09-19 00:36
by Flemming Funch

This is a series of splendid pictures that supposedly were generated from people's EEG brain patterns. I think the idea is that one looks at one's own patterns in real-time, and there's some kind of bio-feedback thing going on.

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23 Sep 2007 @ 20:04 by a-d : Yeahhh right!.....
Not that I wanna be Party Pooper here, but I dare to have my doubts!... Seems more like the NASA Outer Space Pics of "Galaxies & Such" as we were made to assume /believe -for the longest time -to be real photos... sure... they were -of an Artists' rendition/FANTASY of this & that Cosmic Target or Event! So, NASA only HALF-LIED!.... I think there's something similar going on here. Have you ever had EEG done??? What did you see? Colors. Sure, but in what manner? This comes much closer to the Truth. [http://www.immrama.org/eeg/eeg1.html]  

27 Sep 2007 @ 01:05 by ming : brain waves
Yeah, I didn't exactly have an EEG like that, even though I'd like to. I suppose they feed some brainwaves into a generate of pretty patterns, and pick one they like.  

28 Sep 2007 @ 04:37 by a-d : It is quite fun though....
to see -with your eyes closed, I might add, all these ( bright) colors during an EEG!.... You will have the same effect with your eyes open, just every-day normal, so to speak, when on a sunny day you drive down through a foresty area on a country side road with plenty of trees and from your peripheral view you see the sun -lightning fast- peaking in & out through the canopies and as the sun-flash occurs the very same second as you blink, that is the moment the color flash occurs. That is quite thrilling as well! : )
(If one wants to play/experiment more with this Nature's own EEG, one better have "A Designated Driver" doing the driving!...hehehe...)  

20 Jun 2008 @ 18:07 by tiko from BGA @ : fractal
it`s very interesting, it`s as divine as golden ratio :D
voooot tak so it`s in us , in nature, in everything

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