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 I'm not that far behind2002-12-20 16:10
by Flemming Funch

I was sort of thinking I was way behind on implementing features in my newslog program here, which other weblog programs had long ago. But I just noticed Doc Searls saying:
"Blogging is basically just writing live on the Web. There are lots of upsides to it, as we know. But there's at least one downside: saving stuff. When you're writing for yourself, you save constantly. But when you're writing live, for the world, you don't always want to do that. You might want to wait until you're done with your post before you save it. That's risky. ... as I just found out when I wasted twenty minutes I didn't have answering Eric Norlin's latest volley, point by point. I was up to number 5 out of 6 when something "unexpectedly quit" and I lost it all."
Sorry to hear that, but, hahah, MY newslog program has a button for saving a draft while one is going along, and one can also leave a post hidden and saved for later publishing. Because I too absolutely hate loosing stuff I just wrote. So, maybe I do have a few things that others don't have. Like, the picture management system for this program is quite simple, but powerful and useful. Many weblog programs require people to know HTML to include links and pictures, and you would be on your own in terms of uploading the pictures somewhere.

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