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 Tools for mass listening2004-07-24 16:11
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Adina Levin talks about tools for mass listening.
The second half of the 20th century was the era of "mass broadcasting" -- a few anchors spoke, and the rest of us listing. The first half of the 21st century is about "mass listening" -- more of us participating in public conversation, using new tools to discover those conversations, catalyze opinion-forming and political action.
Many of the tools that bloggers like are for mass listening, rather than for broadcasting. A feed aggregator, of course. And Technorati, Daypop and Blogdex and many other sites that make it easy to pay attention to what many people are saying.
"Mass listening tools can provide a richer perspective than polling, which captures answers to loaded, pre-defined questions."
That's addressed to politicians and big companies. How about getting better tools for noticing what people actually are talking about, and be responsive to that.

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