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 Authenticity2001-11-05 02:43
by Flemming Funch

Hm, actually I had in mind that I would mostly use my own newslog here as a sort of intimate journal, more than as a place to report news items. Well, I guess I can do both, but I'm trying to not lose track of the more quiet, comtemplative energy of things. Seriously, I tend to feel most alive when I'm able to be conscious of just being in the moment, facing a future which is unknown, not knowing my next step, but feeling excitement about the unfoldment of this mystery. And, preferably, when I can share that with somebody else.

Something I really cherish is the kind of space between people where one can feel safe and intimate and non-judgmental, openly sharing what one is experiencing, and open to hearing what is going on for somebody else, without having any agenda, without having to prove anything, without having to sound like you know what you're talking about, without having to fix anything. That is often called "Dialogue" or "Deep Dialogue". Not dialogue in the meaning of just talking with each other, or trying to agree on anything, but dialogue where there is a safe space for exploring and examining our diverse experiences, without any set outcome. I would like to experience much more of that with others. I'd like to experience it more with myself.

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6 Nov 2001 @ 00:03 by kay : Thank you Ming,
I too love those intimate spaces that hearts can create. Like connecting dots without any words. The point where mind meets mind and heart meets heart and there is this special kind of knowing. Knowing who you are and also knowing who the other is in the fullness of their being. And in the silence of this knowing there is a restful peacefullness even in the midst of chaos in our surroundings..  

6 Nov 2001 @ 04:29 by jstarrs : Adapting
I was thinking about the changes between now and when I started the Newslog and, whatever 'goals' I had then, they can change and adapt as I do or as the overall Newslog content develops.  

28 Apr 2016 @ 21:07 by Brenley @ : kkUHYuXzqkmoUkkk
Obrigada Dr. Não tenho nenhuma doença bocal, apenas meus dentes são pra frente, mas vou procurar um dentista bom que me orienta, pois todos que ja fui, diz que eu não posso mais usar aparelhos pois meus dentes não voltam mais ao lugar. Mas obrigada por resndpoer.  

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