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by Flemming Funch

From SmartMobs:
"Allen the gadgeteer has created a Java app, available for download to a Motorola i88s phone that records your position and uploads the info to a web site every two minutes. The site displays a map of where you are. You can also mark a location to check the map later to see where the spot you marked is. Instructions on how to load and an explanation of how it works are provided."
And Richard Soderberg comments:
"Combining the current location system with a layer of identity authentication -- friends on your AIM buddy list, for example, that have permission to see where you're at at all times -- or only during the day.

Location as a publicly exposed digital identity; with a button push, you can hide your identity from everyone but your closest friends, or show it to all as an invitation to come talk while you're resting in a bookstore.

It's socially acceptable to present your willingness converse as an ephemeral "status" on instant messenger; may as well tie that in to real life."
Yes, I don't see why not. Except for that I might develop some crazy enemies who will use it to program a personal cruise missile for me, I don't personally see much bad about it.

Well, let me think a little more... I don't really mind informing my friends and family of my whereabouts. I would think it would be fun if my weblog readers could find me on a little map. If it can entertain them to figure out I just walked into a strip club in Palm Springs, all the merrier.

But whether I like that for everybody all the time depends on what kind of behavior patterns others develop around me. I have Instant Messenger programs running all the time on my computer, and I don't mind for most people to know I'm online. But some people think that when I'm obviously there, it automatically means I have time to respond to anything they'll feel like sending me. It doesn't. I might want to retain the option of not talking with you, even though I'm not hiding that I'm at my computer. Likewise, some people might think that if my physical location is visible, it means that they can just come and join me. It doesn't mean that.

But we need some better ways of flagging our availability, or for some algorithm to figure it out. I have a hard enough time getting my family to guess who's phone calls I would want to take and who's I don't at any given time.

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21 Apr 2003 @ 13:19 by sharie : Where am I?
This is a little off-topic, but related to technological advances... we're forced to pay so many fees in order to be *mobile*... car registration, driver's license, title registration, license plate, gas tax, car insurance... it's unbelievable all the money we pay, and mostly because of ... in the end... lack of forethought. The car has to be registered in case someone steals it (so it can be returned) or in case the driver is breaking laws, and they can be tracked down. In the end though, a lot of people are paying for the *carelessness* of a small percentage.

How about inexpensive satellite tracking devices imbedded in the auto parts during the production process? I want an alternative fuel source too (not petroleum), it's just that with a little forethought we could eliminate a lot of unnecessary expenditures, and allocate the time and energy to more useful, beneficial projects.

As for availability... with a little forethought to minimize the waste of our time and energy, we could be more available to the people in our lives.  

21 Apr 2003 @ 15:11 by ming : Tracking
I think it is going towards that even cheap items are trackable. There are certainly a potential of misuse too, but I for one am looking forward to the time when my car would be impossible to steal, because I could see on a screen exactly where it is. Or, if they take it apart, I can see where the bumper is and where the engine is.  

19 Dec 2014 @ 21:38 by Asim @ : VkTonZmINEUJwvl
We're all a bit stunned here Kev. I never ralely knew Greaney that well but he was very much part of what was one of the best times of myself and Pam's lives in Sydney more than ten years ago. A top bloke all round is what I'll remember.This is not the time for eulogies just yet I suppose but it's fitting that he was in Vietnam doing charity work helping to build houses as far as I know.Mate we'll see you again in a few days, keep the head up and head on home bro.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 17:48 by Noa @ : tJgKgLBupuqqAfAnGw
Glad to have provoked the tuohght. When it comes to writing I distinguish between throwing out and banishing. When I feel I'm making no progress I can refer to the trash to lift my spirits and put things into perspective. Photographers are notorious sorters and tend to classify their work into graded categories and buy storage as if their name was google.  

1 May 2016 @ 11:02 by Bettie @ : vHAORcAQBq
Great thnnkiig! That really breaks the mold!  

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