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Declaration of Interdependence

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 Declaration of Interdependence2003-05-12 16:50
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Headmap posts a manifesto of sorts. Well, maybe more of an overview of what is cooking on the net than a manifesto, but great stuff.
The last six months have seen a new embryonic internet emerge into the light.
This new internet is more decentralised, structured, logically interconnected, people centred, and increasingly location aware

..maybe you have a newsreader that goes and gets rss feeds to save you trawling your favourite sites, maybe you have a blog which kicks out a structured rss feed and pings a blog search and analysis engine. Maybe you use one of the new selective blog search engines like feedster or blog link analysis engines like blogdex and technorati, or even a blog extended family tracker like blogstreet. Maybe you see the patterns emerging at a higher level. Blogs are now less interesting than the relations between them. Blogs are things to be aggregated, searched for patterns, ranked, indexed, analysed, those results being valuable to ordinary users as much as academics. What are bloggers tripping out on right now? Check blogdex. Feedster has a lag of about an hour, Google sometimes as much as a month. These tools are selective and they can become more so, answer questions like: what is this extended familly of bloggers tripping out about, what are my friends tripping out about?

All these new capabilities are emerging through distributed collectve tweaking.
Distributed collective tweaking, yes that's a good way of putting it. Maybe the whole world can change based simply on distributed collective tweaking. Lots of smart people making one thing or the other work a bit better, connecting their pieces together.

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12 May 2003 @ 17:59 by sharie : Help me here
What is going on? In English.  

12 May 2003 @ 18:18 by ming : In English
Lots of technies are tinkering with little widgets they program and share on the Internet. For example, a weblog like this one can be 'syndicated' through a standard known as RSS (Real Simple Syndication), which serves up the headlines in a consistent format. That would be a news feed. This format is so standard that it can be read by other programs. One kind of program is the 'aggregator' aka 'news reader' which will combine the input from many such feeds. Similar to the Combined NewsLog in NCN. Other people find useful ways of creating indexes of what is going on on many weblogs. E.g. showing what the most popular links are, and who links to which weblogs. All of that is possible because of a few relatively simple standard agreements. For example, my weblog here will notify weblogs.com whenever there is a new article. weblogs.com keeps a list of all weblogs that have changed recently. Many other services pick up that list and do more fancy stuff with it, like having an automated program that goes and looks at the weblog whenever there's a change, and indexes the site again.  

13 May 2003 @ 01:15 by ming : Shawn
OK, I can't escape it. I'll have to install Nooron. I will pin a thumb tack to my forehead until I do.  

13 May 2003 @ 02:38 by spectragon : Self Assembly
Synergy promotes synthesis through the "gyroscopic-type" influence of cohrerence on the collected constituents. The great E-consiousness is gestating!  

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