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 Nano-progress2003-11-21 15:15
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Nano technology progresses on various fronts.

According to New Scientist, Israeli researchers have succeeded in getting DNA to assemble nano-scale transistors. In other words, biology used to create self-assembling electronic devices. Still way to go before it can be useful, but it is the first successful demonstraton of that kind.

And, according to SpaceDaily, Russian scientists have made a device that should be able to produce large amounts of nanotubes. Carbon nanotubes is the strongest material currently in existence. It is a key component of plans to create space elevators. E.g. cables from the earth to geo-stationary orbit, allowing you to take an elevator into orbit. Or, better yet, cables from the earth to the moon.

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1 comment

2 Jan 2004 @ 06:22 by mikenight : Bermuda Triangle Natural ??
I’m wondering if a factor is missing in figuring out appear/disappear travel crafts and if I might have just figured out a possibility in regards to the Bermuda Triangle mystery.
I’m thinking that it might be possible that our Plasma clouds above the earth could act as a radial electron source neutralizer neutralizing ion beams and possibly causing an ion flux which along with the magnetic pull of the area acts as a seperator removing molecules which
could change the molecular structure (disappear) by use of what exists naturally in our atmosphere.

The shorter wavelengths of sunlight, ranging from the ultraviolet to X-rays, ionize the Earth's upper atmosphere by tearing electrons off atoms. Solar flares make Plasma affects quite dramatic.
Plasma is not a gas, liquid, or solid - it is the fourth state of matter. Plasma often behaves like a gas, except that it conducts electricity and is affected by magnetic fields the same fields the sun plays havoc with in flares, but also known in that area. This would explain transmission interference and electrical equipment and compass havoc as these electric arcs can disrupt or destroy sensitive electronic components.
So basically we can say it's not supernatural it's combined natural phenomenon in nature with a process liken to a disintegrating laser.

The Earth's plasma affects could be utilized like how we use lasers to sweeps frequencies, magnetically separate and eliminate electrons or in this case to tear off electrons using our natural atmosphere instead of a devised low ion electron cloud or duoplasmatron source.  

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