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 Laughter2007-03-15 01:47
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Researchers studying laughter say that..
It's an instinctual survival tool for social animals, not an intellectual response to wit. It's not about getting the joke. It's about getting along. It's a way to make friends and also make clear who belongs where in the status hierarchy.
What I think is funny is the thought of serious scientists in lab coats wracking their brains to try to make sense out of laughter.

Are they right? Hm, I don't know. One can very well laugh for no reason at all. That's an old sort of meditation technique, for that matter. But that doesn't mean it is just a social thing.

What is humor? I'd say it is when one notices something that is off, out of place, and one notices it within a certain rhythm where it produces a freeing up of ... something ... emotional energy, I suppose we could say. It is not mental per se, but it does have something to do with perception, how one sees and experiences things. A joke is not per definition funny or not. All depends on the circumstances and the rhythm of delivery, and whether there's something that gets liberated from it. And something can well be liberated without any particular logical reason.

It is when you see the sillyness of reality, any kind of reality, imagined or not. It is when you look through the world and realize that it isn't really as serious and coherent as it pretends to be. It is a joke. It is a bit of enlightenment to notice that. Might have nothing directly to do with what somebody just said.

But just about getting along? I don't think I buy that. Why would one laugh alone, then?

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15 Mar 2007 @ 15:37 by a-d : Ming,
I love your definition (/analysis) of Humor! THANK you!!! With every burst of spontaneous laughter about a particular "silly or serious" Issue/event, we step one step closer back into our own very Center -as if walking from the most peripheral existence into one circle closer and one circle closer -until we enter into that final circle of all these concentric circles; that last one where the Dot for the circle is, is our own God-Image-ME. That's the Buddha -or Avatar -or (Life-)Master in us laughing and laughing and laughing!.... : )

Check this out Ming! Now, DON'T laugh! ; )


17 Mar 2007 @ 04:18 by Seb @ : Laughter

17 Mar 2007 @ 04:19 by Seb @ : let's try to make this into a link

17 Mar 2007 @ 15:50 by ming : Link
I think my link-finding algorithm has a few bugs. Anyway, I turned it into a link.

Heheh, I've seen that guy before. Probably not the best example of a laughing meditation, but he's funny in sort of a crazy way.  

19 Apr 2007 @ 21:35 by Dan Armando @ : Laughter
I find deep diaphragmatic laughing as one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences. We are the only mammals, in fact any creature that can experience humor and laughter. I also believe there is evidence that the state that laughter creates triggers the release of healing chemicals and hormones throughout the body. Have you ever heard of the saying; "The chemical make up of tears of joy, and tears of sorrow is 99% different."  

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