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 E82007-03-22 16:53
picture by Flemming Funch

National Science Foundation:
Ever since 1887, when Norwegian mathematician Sophus Lie discovered the mathematical group called E8, researchers have been trying to understand the extraordinarily complex object described by a numerical matrix of more than 400,000 rows and columns.

Now, an international team of experts using powerful computers and programming techniques has mapped E8--a feat numerically akin to the mapping of the human genome--allowing for breakthroughs in a wide range of problems in geometry, number theory and the physics of string theory.
You can read about it in Wikipedia. I don't really understand a word of it. It has a lot of dimensions, but I don't get whether it is 8 or 57 or 248, but it is obviously very complex. And somehow important to string theory and other fields. So, good job, I guess. I can't wait for the origami version.

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22 Mar 2007 @ 23:57 by Ed Dawson @ : Origami version?
Hi Flemming,

Naw, do like me and wait for the "E-8 for Dummies" book to come out.

I laughed several years ago when Max showed me a book he just bought, "Voodoo for Dummies"...

But seriously. the universe is arranged from simple to complex. The simple end has unity (God? Tao?) on it, and the other end (the devil's end?) has chaos and complexity (and quantum mechanics?) going on. Perhaps this E-8 will map the entheta side of reality...


23 Mar 2007 @ 00:33 by ming : Complexity
But then again, the good kind of complexity comes from simple stuff. You know, like, fractals. Simple formulas that create all sorts of beautiful and intricate complexities. Or life. But some things are not just beautifully complex, but complicated, messy and chaotic. Which I guess we could say is the ugly and evil stuff. But this E8 thing, even though I don't understand it, it sounds like it is a basically simple thing, with a complex expression. And there's sort of an intriguing challenge there: how to make the most simple possible thing which will express itself as the most complex kind of thing. You know, the one tiny seed which will birth a universe, complete with galaxies and evolving life. Creation for dummies.  

18 Apr 2007 @ 12:24 by Birgit @ : The pretty round thing
Just wanted to make sure - the pretty round thing is a representation of the E8 then?
Too bad there is no bigger rendition of it - I wanted to see it bigger.  

19 Jan 2008 @ 06:44 by mortimer : The pretty round thing
that image is just a flat represention - {link:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:E8_graph.svg}
The E8 wont look like that when they fire up the HUGE hadron collider.  

21 Jul 2008 @ 13:33 by ming : E8
Looks a whole lot like a Mandala, which makes it all the more intriguing.  

23 Jul 2008 @ 20:50 by mortimer : Ah oh
The Huge Hadron Collider is warming up now, and that maybe mess up the Mechanics DNS?

{http://cdsweb.cern.ch/collection/Video%20Movies|CERN Document Server - The video movies} catalogue provides you with the rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the Laboratory's history from its infancy to the most recent events. Rumor is that they publish a video every 6 weeks.  

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